Are Humans Less Worthy Than Pets?

College Benefits Animals, Leaves Gays In The Cold

Palm Beach Community College loves pussies and bitches, but not fags and dykes:

A Florida college, after denying employees’ domestic partners access to medical insurance, has in turn offered a medical plan for employees’ household pets.

In August, medical benefits for human domestic partners of employees were denied due to a tie vote among Palm Beach Community College trustees.

“The fact of the matter is that puppies are covered, partners are not,” says Palm Beach County Human Rights Council president Rand Hoch, calling it an affront to employees with domestic partners.

While PBCC’s president and director of human relations would like to see gay partners receive benefits, trustees are apparently worried about the high cost of equality: “…Trustees weren’t concerned about costs to the college, but potential long-term increases for employees because of additional enrollees in the group plan.” Woof.