College Football Player Hits On, Then Assaults Lesbian At Colorado Bar

It was just a typical night at a Colorado bar for Chelsea Gallagher last Thursday at the Red Room Bar and Lounge in Grand Junction, CO, until she told 20-year-old college football player Shane Williams that she was a lesbian.

The underage Colorado Mesa University athlete had previously been hitting on her with a wingman at his side, but after he found out she was gay, started straight-up hitting her.

“Basically, they were mad I wasn’t going home with them and that I ended leaving with my girlfriend,” Gallagher (right) told K-REX TV. “That’s why they started talking bad about us.”

After the two men verbally assaulted Gallagher and her girlfriend Ashley, Ashley got into a scuffle with the wingman. When Gallagher stepped into the middle to break it up, Williams came over and threw Gallagher to the ground.

“My roommate said that he picked me up from the waist and slammed me onto the ground,” said Gallagher. “It’s kind of scary. It makes me not want to go out ever… I think none of it would have happened if I wasn’t gay.”

Gallagher said she suffered a serious head trauma that caused memory loss of the night, and Williams has been charged with a felony for second-degree assault.

Photo via K-REX TV