College Freshmen Reveal The Secrets Of Gay Life On Campus

As colleges around the world fill up to the familiar sounds of sliding dining trays, bags of wine being slapped and an omnipresent symphony of clicking keyboards, it got us reminiscent of our campus days.

But college years tend to be romanticized when you look back on them. Of course, if you’re the adorable Dan Levitz, hooking up in the dorms and maybe finding that special someone may come easily. For most, it’s a turbulent period of self discovery specked with the ups and downs that come with finding yourself away from the comforts of home.

We asked the team at Whisper to give us a snapshot of what it’s like for college freshmen as they begin a fresh school year. Here’s what they found:

I'm a gay freshman in college on my way to sneak into a gay bar. I'm free from my parents (who I should call more often) and I really want a boyfriend.

I just started college and I'm afraid that people won't want to be my friend because I'm gay. That's how it was in high school, so why should I expect it to be different here?

Being gay in college sucks. It's appropriate for a guy to flirt with a girl, but it's taboo for a guy to flirt with another guy.

I'm so much happier now that I'm out and in college. There are so many attractive guys into "experimenting" to meet...

Freshman in college and just realized I'm gay. Probably going to nap this day away.

I thought being gay in college would be great. It's not cause I don't know who's out, and I want a relationship.

im so excited i was the only gay guy in HS now im in college and can fucking finally have a gay friend

I'm gay and just started college in a new city. I want to be in a relationship but it's so hard to tell which guys are gay or not.

Being a gay male college freshman sucks, it's so lonely.

I am a gay freshman and I have the BIGGEST crush on my best male friend. Which is quite a turn on when he playfully hugs me.

I just started college, I'm gay, and I've never had a boyfriend. I'm so scared to do anything. I hope my feelings change soon...

Being a gay freshman is a lot more work than my classes

I have a huge crush on a senior and I'm a freshman. I've been too nervous to talk to him because I don't know if he's gay or not. I thought college was supposed to be easier than this

I can't socialize with people I don't know. I'm a freshman. I'm lonely and scared here. It doesn't help that I'm gay and so insecure about myself. I wanna cry ???

I'm starting college next week. I'm rooming with three other guys... I hope they don't mind that I'm gay.

I just started college and my friends all joke that I'm majoring in Straight Men. I can't help if I'm the guy they want to experiment with...

I'm a Gay guy freshman in college and loving all the older guys interested in me!!

Being a gay freshman in college is hard enough. But there are so many sexy guys you can't have- it's like why do you have to exist can you go somewhere else?!

I love finally being able to be out of the closet, in college, and in a big city. I waited so long for this freedom.