College Guys Reveal The Secrets Of Gay Life On Campus

As colleges around the world fill up to the familiar sounds of sliding dining trays, bags of wine being slapped and an omnipresent symphony of clicking keyboards, it got us reminiscent of our campus days.

But college years tend to be romanticized when you look on them. Of course, if you’re the adorable Dan Levitz, hooking up in the dorms and maybe finding that special someone may come easily. For most, it’s a turbulent period of self discovery specked with the ups and downs that come with finding yourself away from the comforts of home.

We asked the team at Whisper to give us a snapshot of what it’s like for college students as they begin a fresh school year. Here’s what they found :

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I'm so glad I came out in college. Being openly gay is awesome.

The issue I have with most of the gay men in college is that all they want is sex. I'm not a virgin, I've been with a few guys, but sex still terrifies me.

Whenever I see a cute guy on campus I wonder whether he is gay/curious and if I'd have a chance with him

I'm a college basketball player. I wish I had the strength to be an openly gay athlete like Jason Collins

I came out to my college roommate He's the first one I've told I'm his first gay friend

I feel like I'm the only gay guy on campus. I just want to be with someone: I'm tired of being alone

I'm praying my College Roommate is gay.. So I can experiment.

There are so many great guys on campus, but I never know if they're gay or not. My gaydar is broken.

I am a closeted gay guy and the sheer number of hot fraternity guys on campus is a special kind of hell.

I am afraid that my college roommate won't accept the fact that I am gay.

As a gay guy, it's fucking frustrating seeing all the hot straight guys walking around campus.

I'm gay and have hooked up with a

I love hooking up with drunk 'curious' straight college guys. They all get a little gay if they're drunk enough

I'm a gay guy in college and I'm happy in most aspects of my life, but lonely in one. I just want a boy I can love, hold, and cherish for the rest of my life.

I don't know why I thought being gay was going to be easier once I got to college. It's not. Oh the single life.

I'm gay and I'm in a Greek Social Fraternity in College. I think my Bros know but it's like Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

I'm gay and I've hooked up with 2 guys already and it's only been 2 weeks into college