College Republicans Love Kern, Hate Protesters

No wonder so many people decry America’s future generations. The College Republicans of University of Central Oklahoma are coordinating a very special meeting with a grotesque guest, Sally Kern! Apparently these kids simply can’t get enough of the anti-gay lawmaker. They also can’t tolerate democratic process – check out the last line of their announcement:

Attention all fellow conservatives!!

State Representative Sally Kern will be our guest speaker for this week’s meeting. You may have recognized the recent media attention Sally has received from local media for her remarks made on the gay and homosexual agenda. Sally will be here setting the record straight on some of the untruths the media has been spreading and explaining the reasons for her remarks.

This event is open to College Republicans and those with a conservative ideology only. Protesters will not be tolerated.


We contacted the University and asked spokesman Charlie Johnson whether or not the campus condoned free speech prohibition. Mr. Johnson, who was perfectly polite, made very clear that the school does not condone such restrictions.

Of course the university does not condone the suppression of free speech.

The event appears to be what I would characterize as a limited public forum. And as such, as far as the university is concerned, the organizers cannot restrict either non-republicans or protesters from attending. If, however, the event is disrupted by protesters, the protesters may be asked to leave.

Johnson’s currently consulting with Student Affairs to see if the College Republicans, like dozens of other organizations, receive any funding from the University.

Those of you who want to make your voices heard should attend the event, which will be held tonight at 7pm in room 312 of the Nigh University Center.