College Republicans Love Kern, Hate Protesters

No wonder so many people decry America’s future generations. The College Republicans of University of Central Oklahoma are coordinating a very special meeting with a grotesque guest, Sally Kern! Apparently these kids simply can’t get enough of the anti-gay lawmaker. They also can’t tolerate democratic process – check out the last line of their announcement:

Attention all fellow conservatives!!

State Representative Sally Kern will be our guest speaker for this week’s meeting. You may have recognized the recent media attention Sally has received from local media for her remarks made on the gay and homosexual agenda. Sally will be here setting the record straight on some of the untruths the media has been spreading and explaining the reasons for her remarks.

This event is open to College Republicans and those with a conservative ideology only. Protesters will not be tolerated.


We contacted the University and asked spokesman Charlie Johnson whether or not the campus condoned free speech prohibition. Mr. Johnson, who was perfectly polite, made very clear that the school does not condone such restrictions.

Of course the university does not condone the suppression of free speech.

The event appears to be what I would characterize as a limited public forum. And as such, as far as the university is concerned, the organizers cannot restrict either non-republicans or protesters from attending. If, however, the event is disrupted by protesters, the protesters may be asked to leave.

Johnson’s currently consulting with Student Affairs to see if the College Republicans, like dozens of other organizations, receive any funding from the University.

Those of you who want to make your voices heard should attend the event, which will be held tonight at 7pm in room 312 of the Nigh University Center.

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  • kiltnc

    This is the same group that had “Straight Pride Week” in 2005.

  • Scott

    I disagree with them, but think it’s within their rights to allow her hateful voice to be heard in a closed setting without interruption.

  • David

    I hope someone records this!!!!!!

  • Bradley

    This is perfect. We have them all in one spot. Please lock the door and keep them in there until after the elections in November.

  • Jonathon

    Scott, I disagree. Here’s why:

    “This event is open to College Republicans and those with a conservative ideology only. Protesters will not be tolerated.”

    If it were a members-only meeting, one where only dues-paying members could attend and no one outside the organization was to be invited, then I would agree with you. But clearly, that is not the case. It’s that pesky “and” phrase. They basically have an open, public event – which means that anyone should be able to attend. I agree that anyone who disrupts the meeting should be asked to leave (and made to do so if their disruptions continue) but otherwise the event should be open to anyone who wishes to attend.

    They can’t have it both ways. This is really part of the whole problem with neoconservatives. They don’t like dissent, and they carefully craft their events so that they don’t have to come into contact with anyone who disagrees with them. Remember those vile “free speech zones” that the GOP and the Bush White House have used? They relegate protestors and dissenters to the sidelines and then make it out as if everyone at the event is totally in love with the GOP and George Bush.

    And I wonder if these are the same sort of College Republicans who, at the CPAC convention almost killed themselves swapping all their Romney gear for McCain gear – just in time to appear in front of the cameras like they’d been supporting McCain all the time?

  • Shaun Tom

    This is just another example of the GOP never wanting to be criticized for blatant discrimination. They revel in it, but when they are defamed for it, they retreat into their little shells and call the dissenters anti American or leftist nuts. We need more leftist nuts… especially in places like Oklahoma.

  • Tintin Malfoy

    “This event is open to College Republicans and those with a conservative ideology only. Protesters will not be tolerated.”

    This group should change their name to College National Socialists.

  • Woof

    What the heck is the gay agenda anyway? Did I miss a memo? Did someone verify that we have booze and men on the agenda?

  • jamesnimmo

    Sally’s Kern Konservative Korps Targets Public School Employees


    First things first. If you don’t know who Rep. Sally Kern is or if you need a reminder, go here:

    Now, you’re up to date.

    The letter posted below appears in the March 26 edition of a weekly paper in Oklahoma City named the Oklahoma Gazette (
    The paper does not post its letters at the website.

    Joe Quigley was described in all details but name by Rep. Kern in her original taped tirade that was revealed by the Victory Fund Youtube posting earlier in March.

    It seems Rep. Kern takes the approach that if we ourselves aren’t ashamed of being gay, (choosing that “lifestyle” to use her language) then why should any of us be alarmed by her calling us “out”, so to speak.

    She fails to understand that just as rumors of the gay “lifestyle” circulating about the Kern family caused her and her family distress, so can that same strategy cause distress among those gay people who have chosen to keep their orientation private.

    Most recently, Rep. Kern chose to out another public school employee, again described in all details but name, just as Kern did with Mr. Quigley.
    This was done in a local TV news program called Flashpoint which you can view here:
    Choose the segments for March 23.

    When Kern needs to backpedal and appear soft and cuddly she trots out the old bigot’s defense of “Some of my best friends are____.” Then you fill in the blank with the minority being targeted.

    Rep Kern thinks other people’s private lives can be made an open book when it serves her self-righteous purposes. It’s time she was made aware that such self-centered actions are not considered polite in decent society. Just where did she learn her manners?

    You can tell her yourself at this address:

    Whether you use email, postal mail, or telephone, keep it legal and decent. We don’t need to give the Kern Konservative Korps any ammunition to use against us.

    Remember, we GLBTs ARE legal; it’s her kind that are still in the 19th century.

    Here is the original letter sent to the OK Gazette by Joe Quigley, who Kern has selected as her scapegoat, whipping boy, verbal target, sponge for her anxiety, etc. You get the drift.

    Jim Nimmo


    Dear Editor,

    Having read the complete transcript of Rep. Sally Kern’s now infamous speech to the Republican Club, I found she has decided to use me as her unwitting and unwilling example of the dangers of Gay teachers in public schools.

    She stated, “Now I’m not a gay basher, okay. When I taught school three doors down from me was one of the most obnoxious gay people that you can mention. If I named him you probably have seen him. He writes in the paper all the time and everything. But you know, he has the right to practice that life-style if he chooses but he does not have the right to indoctrinate his classes. You know, that’s not what education is about.”

    However on April 21, 2005 , when she was attempting to have “Homosexually themed” books isolated in the Metro Library System, she said the following, “I taught down the hall from my colleague, Joe Quigley, sitting right over there. I often heard him teach and I think he is an excellent teacher. It is just his life-style I do not find acceptable.”

    It would appear Rep. Kern plays fast and loose with the truth as it serves her purposes. One of these statements has to be untrue as they are contradictory. She changed her characterization of me as she saw fit. In the latter case she needed to appear open minded to a public crowd, in the former she needed to appeal to a smaller, less public audience.

    While claiming the higher ground and a mission from God, she has found it necessary to lie at least once to get her way. This lying is pitiful from a person claiming she is doing the Lord’s work. It should bring into question many, if not most or even all, of her claims of righteousness and her being a teller of the truth.

    Further, her claims about my “lifestyle” are totally fabricated as she and I were not friends socially, and other than my advocacy for Gay students to protect them from bullying and harassment while at school, and what letters to editors she may have read, she has no knowledge of my life outside of school. She painted me as a monster for the sake of frightening an audience who had no idea that as they trusted her, she was lying to them.

    Joseph Quigley

  • M Shane

    Tintin Malfoy : You seem to be seriously confused about political designations. Most existing Socialists respect and encourage freedom of speach and are highly democratic. Did you have any basic high school political science?

    This(event or comment??) is just an example of the chronic deterioration of our educational system. That is one of our most serious social problems-people even in college are too ignorant to know their basic constitutional rights. Scary that they vote. Anyone who would invite a turnip brain like Kern to speak needs to be put back in kindegarden.

    Dissent is essential to freedom of speach. Hope somebodies got the balls to file a lawsuit.

  • key

    Republicans Will Not Be Tolerated.

  • June23

    M Shane,

    I believe Tintin Malfoy intended his/her “national socialist” comment to evoke images of Nazis, the term “Nazi” being an acronym for “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.”

    Interesting how extremism of all political shades always seems to lead to the same result, eh?

    Incidentally, I learned all of this while studying in our deteriorating educational system. Of course, I certainly didn’t learn it in “kindegarden.” Maybe I did in kindergarten, though. Did you not have any basic high school German?

  • oakling

    It’s always charming when conservatives (again and again) confuse any kind of questions or dissent with “protesting” and apply censorship.

  • Tintin Malfoy

    M Shane,

    What June23 said.

  • M Shane

    Tintin : you’re being oblique, I fear, If that’s some religious holiday I’m lost.

  • June23

    Actually, M Shane, it’s my birthday. It’s not a religious holiday…yet.

    And Tintin: are you as frustrated as I am?

  • Tintin Malfoy


    I give up!

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