College Student Andrew Compton’s Accused Killer Had Sex With Body Before Dumping It

Andrew Compton (pictured, top), a gay college student at Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky, has been missing since Oct. 28, and police all but believe he’s dead. Search crews are today combing a landfill looking for his body, which officials suspect was dumped by a one Gregory O’Bryan, 40, who’s charged with murdering the 18-year-old during sex.

O’Bryan (pictured, right) initially told police he picked up Compton at his residence hall, went back to his apartment, and had sex before leaving on foot. In a follow-up interview O’Bryan said Compton died while they were having sex, then he had sex with the corpse, and then disposed of his body in a garbage bin. Compton was reported missing by his dormmate, who called the boy’s parents after he’d been MIA for a few days. Andrew’s brother Derek recovered emails between Compton and O’Bryan and turned them over to police.

Last night students and friends held a vigil on campus to remember their classmate.

Our hearts go out.

Fromm a Monday news report:

His Wednesday morning arraignment:

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  • Charlie

    Ok Gregory O’Bryan you are one sick, sick dude (even if we just go with his version of the story). I am not a proponent of the death penalty but I can’t say as I’d be all that upset if there was one more body in a trash bin in Kentucky.

  • Gorbeh

    This is why those old creepers need to stay away from us young people! Honestly can I go one day on gay social networking sites without at least one 40+ dude wanting to have sex with me?

  • kevinVancouver

    @Gorbeh: I certainly hope you are not equating that sick fuck with anyone that is over 40 cuz if you are that is really pathetic and sad and speaks to your own immaturity… oh yeah im only 39 almost 40 and definitely not an old creeper… grow up already

  • Ted

    @Gorbeh: You’ll be 40ish someday and someone will be saying the same thing about you.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Oh please! We all know damn well there are creepy older guys who go looking for guys in their teens, not because they’re interested in their intellect, but because they’re teens.

    I always tell the younger gay men I meet that until their late twenties, they should not date any man more than five years older than themselves. I’ve heard too many horror stories of young guys being taken advantage of either sexually, or emotionally.

    As I told a straight female friend whose 17 year old son was dating a 38 year old man–would you let your daughter, (who was 19) date a 40 year old man? Guess what her answer was.

  • Mike

    @Gorbeh: dude If you think for a minute that all the freaks on social network sites are only the guys that are over 40, you are probably not ready to be on those sites. This story was not about the AGE of the guys- crazy comes in all ages, sizes, and looks.

  • David K

    You’re right, Gorbeh, the real tragedy here is that men that you aren’t attracted to find you attractive.

    I don’t use this term lightly, but it certainly applies: Shut up you stupid faggot.

  • scott ny'er

    @David K: And… we have a winner!!!

  • Charlie

    I think Gorbeh’s issue wasn’t guys in their 40’s being on social networking sites, his issue was guy in their 40’s messaging people half their age.

    Do guys in their 40’s get excited about sexual advances from guys in their 60’s? Maybe you do and, if so, I salute you.

  • Hilarious

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: You’re one of the few people on here who keeps it real. We may not always agree, but you speak from the heart, and not just what other people want to hear.

    These sheep could learn from you if they weren’t so busy being stuck on themselves.

    I’ve seen much of the emotional manipulation myself and it’s really quite scary. They always seem to target the loneliest guys who aren’t even yet coming to terms with their sexuality. They’re pretty much rock bottom. Then the older guy systematically begins shutting other people out from the kid’s life either through the kid or by himself all the way up the line to his own parents.

    It’s sick.

  • scribe

    I feel sorry for the parents of this child. I hope that over time they can find some peace. I wish this didn’t happen to this young man. Any guy, no matter the age, needs to be careful hooking up with dudes online. Andrew-wish your soul well and peace.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Wait, I’m confused. How did Andrew Compton die???


    @Aaron in Honolulu: Excellent point. Not very likely an 18yo just ups and dies suddenly. Am sure was not of natural causes…………

  • Superman

    Most ironic statement of vid #2 (1:00):”I’m afraid I’ma lose my apartment.” –Gregory O’Bryan

    This guy obviously doesn’t have his priorities in order. Has anyone checked whether O’Bryan’s mother is alive and well?

    My heart goes out to this poor kid who was just starting to explore his sexuality and his life, and I pray his family finds peace and sufficient answers for the closure they’ll need.

  • Hyhybt

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Not likely, but it does happen. Of course, when someone dies suddenly and you *aren’t* the cause, you call an ambulance or the police, you don’t just toss the body in the trash.

  • Angie

    I think I have had a run-in with that creep O’Bryan at Connections before. I’m wondering if he has attempted (and succeeded) in this type of crime in Louisville (or elsewhere) before. It would help if people who knew the suspect from the club/bar scene or elsewhere would come forward and share any info.

  • randi

    ok for one. this isn’t a debate board about how old you are to be a creeper and what site you should and shouldn’t be on. This is about Andrew Compton and helping find hym. All you guys are worried about is whos calling who a creeper. Grow up and actually d something to help the situation at hand. Not argue on here about fuckin bullshit.

  • Az Rocks

    @Gorbeh: that will come to an end when you reach their age dahling…

  • David Bates

    This will never come to trial. Gregory O’bryan is nuttier than a can of Planter’s peanuts. How many guys stop to thank the judge who has just arraigned them and then give a friendly salute as they turn around and leave? Notice how Mr. O’bryan parroted the phrase ‘public defender’ after his legal representative spoke it. Listen to how Mr. O’bryan said that ‘the public already knows. Let’s do it in public.’ There seems to be a really good reason why his mother is the payee of his social security benefits.

    One question I have is why they didn’t add a charge for Mr. O’bryan having sex with Andrew Compton know he had AIDS and not taking any precautions to avoid infecting the young man?

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