College Student Claims Fraternity Denied Him Membership Because He’s Gay

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20-year-old college student Brian Stewart is pretty sure he was denied admission into the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity because he’s gay, and he’s doing something about it.

A student at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, Stewart wanted to join the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity (part of the “divine 9” historically African-American greek organizations) because his mentor was a brother, but was ultimately denied membership. Though his rejection letter made no mention of his sexual orientation, Stewart obtained social media messages and email conversations between current members from an unknown source that led him to believe that he was rejected for being gay.

According to Fox Baltimore, the messages contained anti-gay slurs and derogatory language, as well as the plan of fraternity members to “give him the perception of a fair and equal opportunity.”

Stewart is now uninterested in pledging the fraternity, but is filing a complaint with the university to bring awareness to the situation and is speaking out about the unfair treatment.

“I didn’t know I was going to have no control — that my interview meant nothing, my achievements meant nothing, because they had already made up their minds,” Stewart told The Baltimore Sun.

Morgan State University spokesperson Jarrett Carter, Sr. is adamantly speaking out against the perceived discrimination. “The university doesn’t tolerate or accept any kind of discrimination,” Carter said. “It’s something that the university takes very very seriously.

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  • Eric Auerbach

    Frats aren’t obligated to take guys they don’t want — that’s the whole point of a fraternity. This guy didn’t make it and now he’s whining and trying to play the victim card.

  • balehead

    This guy doesn’t get it…..plays victim card..

  • pauleky

    Did you assholes read the story? He found evidence of their homophobia. Are you saying you think that’s a valid reason not to allow someone in a fraternity? I’m guessing your Republicans, too.

  • Scribe38

    @pauleky: Those two rarely do… They look for ways to kick around gay men. Off topic now, wow that young man is hot!

  • Eric Auerbach

    @pauleky: God, you’re stupid. He *said* he found evidence of homophobia — which of course he would, because he’s playing the victim card. Seriously, you are an honest-to-goodness moron. Please refrain from ever speaking again.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Scribe38: So nice that you know who I am, even though I’ve only posted a few comments over the past year. Looks like I made an impression. (I, on the other hand, have no idea who the fuck you are. Has being interesting ever crossed your mind?)

  • Kieran

    The University obviously needs to conduct a complete and thorough investigation to determine whether Mr Stewart was discriminated against for being gay—just as would be done if there were allegations of racism at this fraternity.

  • Sansacro

    @Eric Auerbach: Maybe, maybe not. Let him prove his case. Doesn’t seem like such a farfetched claim, considering the historically rampant homophobia within many fraternities.

  • Kangol


    Yep, they’re frequently spewing anti-g•ay remarks.

    Good that he called out this frat, which has more than a few DL/closeted members.

    Also, yes, he is absolutely gorgeous. He can join my fraternity any day.

  • stanhope

    Based on what is positioned as “evidence,” he likely was denied a spot because he is gay. One never really knows however. There was a huge cause celebre on my campus when a Black student went around to traditionally White fraternities and was turned down. I am Black and went the next rush season and was the first to pledge such a fraternity. Mine was a very affluent school and the guy in question was not from a background of privilege so that could easily have been the reason for some resistance. I can and have said that I would have not approved that person as he was just not a cool fellow…had nothing to do with his being Black. Had he come to my fraternity after I got in, I would have blackballed him myself as he was a twit. It is this guy’s right to file a complaint with the university and he should do so. That said, if he got in, imagine what his life would be like in Kappa.

  • stanhope

    Addendum: I re-read some of the comments. Often the reasons for one choosing a fraternity are as unscientific as how a fraternity chooses pledges. I chose my fraternity because the actives were HOT, rich, smart and the fraternity was prestigious. I chose my pledge brother for much the same reasons, because he was HOT, rich, smart with long hair. To this day that boy gives me wood when I think of him. Sure, there were haters when I joined. Now they could no longer use race as a convenient reason for not getting in when in point of fact they may not have gotten in because they were twits.

  • Caleb in SC

    @Eric Auerbach: Maybe you shouldn’t post at all. You can disagree with a person’s opinions, but do not attack them personally and engage in name-caling. There are a lot of people within the disability rights community that you equate your use of the term “moron” as bad as any demeaning name for LGBT people.

  • Caleb in SC

    Sorry, that “would” equate . . .

  • the other Greg

    I thought all fraternities were gay. Or is that just the hazing?

    What is the fraternity’s lawyer going to say?: “You can’t expect my clients to do twisted, perverted homosexual hazing to guys who are actually homosexual. Because that would be weird.”

  • Nyruinz


    You sound like a self absorbed and pretentious moron. The black pledge dodged a bullet

  • Bob LaBlah

    If he and several other gay black students at the college were smart they would form their OWN fraternity and go down in history as a group of black gay people who did not shed ONE tear about being told (in a round-about way) that they were not wanted. They decided to do in a group what they could not do individually.

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