College Student Demonstrates Best Way To Avoid A Pat-Down: Wear Only A Speedo

When Steven Slater instructed holiday airport travelers to “dress appropriately,” he suggested dressing up with “an elegant wardrobe paired with good manners.” But that won’t do much for you if you’re going through a TSA line. The appropriate wardrobe for this adventure? Speedos.

The bloggers Jon and Eric tell the story of college student Jimmy:

Why the speedo? With the way TSA screening is going it only seems like the next logical requirement for getting on an airplane. Soon TSA will be having us strip down to make the screening process more efficient, but not if we take a stand. In this sense Jimmy was merely obliging the TSA, but he was also exposing the ridiculousness of their policies. With the full-body scanners and TSA agents putting their hands down our pants, let’s be honest, a speedo is pretty modest. Jimmy reviewed Utah State Law, Salt Lake City International Airport rules and regulations, and TSA policies and regulations as he prepared to execute his protest. If you’ve read up on the law you’ll be surprised at the power you have when opposed by authorities.