College Student Slams Ex-Classmate And School With $1.5 Lawsuit For 2004 Bullying

It’s a blast from the bullying past!

The Daily News reports that a college student is suing a kid who bullied him eight years ago at a ritzy Manhattan middle school and gave him a broken nose (right). He’s also suing the school for failing to protect him, to the tune of $1.5 million in damages.

Writes the News:

In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Eric Giray—now a sophomore at Brandeis University — accuses Daniel Dworakowski—now a sophomore at Cornell—of taunting him for years before shoving him into the school’s bleachers on Oct. 15, 2004.

Giray, who attended Calhoun for the sixth, seventh and eighth grades, broke his nose and needed 18 stitches to close the gashes, according to his attorney Ric Cherwin.

Dworakowski’s mom’s side of the story:

“Oh, please. That was not a bullying. That was just an accident. A teacher told us it was an accident and nothing else.”

The bullied kid’s attorney is pulling out some serious punches, though:

“On his life, Eric said Daniel with malice and intent in his eyes pushed Eric extremely hard and quickly so that Eric had no time to react and smashed him into the bleachers.”

The malice and intent was in his eyes, you guys! Our prediction: the judge is going to laugh at the fact that the case was brought eight years later (when anti-bullying sentiment is hitting a peak) and dismiss this suit as soon as he can.