College Student Studying To Be Ex-Gay Counselor Sues Over CA’s Reparative-Therapy Ban

A college student who claims he overcame same-sex attractions through reparative therapy has filed suit against the state of California, which recently passed a ban on so-called gay cures.

Aaron Blitzer, who’s actually studying to be an ex-gay therapist, filed papers in U.S. District Court claiming the new law prevents him from pursuing his noble profession. He names Gov. Jerry Brown, who signed the measure over the weekend, as one of the defendants along with members of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and the California Mental Board.

Joined by two therapists named as co-plaintiffs, Bitzer claims the ban infringes on the First Amendment right to free speech, privacy and  freedom of religion.

“It’s it’s an egregious violation of the rights of young people feeling same-sex attraction, and of parents and counselors who feel it would be beneficial for the individual needs of a young person,” said Brad Dacus of the reactionary Pacific Justice Institute. “The legislature had an errant assumption that every individual struggling with same-sex attraction is caused by their DNA,” he said. “It ignores thousands, including the plaintiff, who have gone through therapy and are now in a happy and healthy heterosexual relationship.”

“I read the lawsuit and, as a matter of fiction, it is a good read,” said State Sen Ted Lieu, who sponsored the bill in the California Legislature. “But from any reasonable legal standard, [it’s] frivolous.”




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  • petensfo

    What school?

    Prior relationships?

    Current relationships?

    I suspect it is all fiction… a straw-gay, former or otherwise, for the purpose of a lawsuit.

  • Ogre Magi

    I hate christians

  • Mjl-428

    this is the problem with these guys. never give clear and accurate examples of who this has helped an how it has worked and they everyone into the general category of either struggling with unwanted feelings, or feeling like this because they were raped as a child.

  • Cam

    Yes, and next week somebody who is stuyding to be a hired killer is going to sue the state for outlawing murder.

    These people are such idiots.

  • NormdePlume

    How and where do you study to be a bullshitartist? Amazing.

  • Gigi Gee

    How is it that some people can’t get their heads around the fact that you cannot change from gay to straight yet have no problem in believing the unbelievable: that god exists and the earth is a mere 6000 years old? These people give me a serious case of intestinal gas which, FYI, is not comfortable. And when baby’s got gas, WATCH OUT!

  • mlbumiller

    what the hell is he crying about… they cannot practice on minors. they can still do it to consenting adults.

    by the way the he bill received the endorsement of The California Psychological Association, the American Psychoanalytic Association (which adopted resolusiotn of the same in 2009), the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (California Division), the National Association of Social Workers (CA Chapter), the California Latino Psychological Association and the California Council of Community Mental Health Agencies.

  • Aidan8

    Can just imagine these “ex gay” “counselors”…. in a small room with a 15 year-old boy… “so Johnny, let’s talk about what you think about when you masturbate…… tell me in detail, OK?…. I need you to talk about your body and what you fantasize about…. you know, with lots of detail…. OK?” Creeps.

  • the other Greg

    I’m studying to be an ex-counselor too!

    Oh… ex-GAY counselor?

    Never mind!

  • Avenger

    Good for him.

  • m4mspiritlife

    This is bad and very dangerous! Once again California took the lead in doing what every National Medical and Psychological Professional organization has already done and condemned this theraphy; and now a court bows to the pressure of some religious extremist who have not the intelligence or education to realize that this therapy is unnecessary and very unhealthy and unhelpful.

    First And Foremost Let Me Make A Very Strong Distinction About The Therapy And The Claims That A SMALL NUMBER OF PERSONS Make That It Has Worked/Or Been Successful For Them.

    This Therapy CANNOT and WILL NOT work for Homosexual/Gay persons! It is impossible to work!
    It CANNOT WORK, anymore than a similar Therapy would work to Change Heterosexual/non-gay Persons to Gay/Homosexual.
    Changing someone’s sexual orientation that is exclusively Gay or Non-gay (Homosexual or Heterosexual) is IMPOSSIBLE!

    HOWEVER, AND PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, It is possible to change a person’s Sexual Practices and even Sexual Preferences, IF and ONLY if they are more of a Bi-Sexual in Orientation.

    Let me explain Orientation vs., Preference/Practice. Orientation, is what one’s entire mental /psychological, emotional and spiritual makeup is composed of it and it drives sexual thought, behavior and preferences and it is where one finds happiness when they are in a relationship that satisfies that orientation (layman definition); Sexual Preference is what gender one prefers to have sexual thoughts, and/or behaviors with and is reasonably satisfied at any given moment when that preference is being honored. Sexual Practice is the most easily deceptive and the least attached to a person’s innermost being and personal satisfaction. To further add to this topic it is very important to add the discussion of where most people fall in terms of Orientation vs. Preference vs. Practice.

    Alfred Kinsey and his studies of Sexuality led to the Kinsey Institute which led the ground work for setting the standard on this topic. The Kinsey continuum of Sexual orientation is the most referred and the most respected authority on the topic of Sexual Orientation. It says that society’s Orientation is most like a bell curve, instead of a flat line with folks on either end of a continuum. The Scale starts with 0- considered EXCLUSIVELY HOMOSEXUAL in Orientation and continues along to the opposite end at 6-which is identified as Exclusively Heterosexual in Orientation. The Kinsey Institute has continued to do studies over the years since the continuum was developed in the 1950’s and yet the facts continue to uphold the same information, which is that the majority of people tend to fall more towards the middle of the scale and less towards a 0-exclusively homosexual or a 6-exclusively heterosexual.

    THEREFORE, It would be those in the areas of 2-4 or bisexual with homosexual leanings the closer they are to 2 and bi-sexual with leanings to homosexual the closer they are to 4 and obviously the closer to either end the closer the individuals would be to having their Orientations set as Gay or Non-Gay. It would be the far ends that would be practically impossible to change their orientation. However, Almost anyone, especially with advances in erectile dysfunction medications today to perform or PRACTICE Sexual Activity anywhere on the continuum with very little pleasure or happiness… in some cases with great emotional and mental trauma—which as often lead to suicide through history both in the perceived “heterosexual” community and the gay community.

    Those in the middle of the scale however, could be perceived as cursed or blessed—personally, I see it as blessed as they have a chance if they allow themselves to do so… to truly fall in love with whomever they fall in love with, regardless of gender… and in that case their Orientation doesn’t really change but their Preference does based on their given circumstances and their current love affair/relationship.

    It is also these folks in the MIDDLE, who can TRULY claim—and in their hearts and mind may actually believe what they are claiming is true—that they changed their sexual orientation… they believe that they changed from being Gay to non-gay (straight) when in Reality—they haven’t changed their Orientation, which has always been more of a bi-sexual orientation, but instead they changed their Preferences and therefore were able to change their Practice.

    Many, of the largest and oldest Ex-gay ministries (those dedicated to changing persons from “gay to straight” have realized this and some like, Exodus International have even gone so far as to say as it is impossible to change sexual orientation… So this is why this “Reparative” Therapy is so absolutely dangerous and should be banned… It is nothing more than charlatans, offering false or unnecessary promises of something they cannot deliver. Since one changes Preference and Practice and not Orientation and it is a continuum… it is very likely if they are bi-sexual, which remember is the only ones that can satisfactorily make a change, make another change later in life if there are life events that cause a love relationship to change, either a break up, divorce or an affair, etc.

    It is one thing if pastors and religious groups want to offer this horribly dangerous, misguided unscientific, toxic therapy as a FREE SERVICE to their Congregation! As Part of their Religious Beliefs within the limits that do not become Child abuse or putting persons lives in danger—not taking necessary steps to get clients PROFESSIONAL/Medical Help for Suicidal thoughts, self destructive behaviors and thoughts by those they are “ministering to with this BAD therapy”—BUT IT should NOT be allowed to be used by those in the “licensed Helping professions such as Psychologist, LCSWS, LMFT, or any other psychological, social work or psychiatric therapy that is licensed by the state and it should not be reimbursed by insurance as a “recognized approved mental health treatment modality.”

    The only grounds that this therapy Can Be Justified is by Freedom of Religious Practice… and then–and only then–IT must be voluntary and NO Child, Teenager or Adult should be able to be forced to participate in the Therapy… Any parent who does attempt to force a child / minor to participate should be advised that if the minor child is forced to do this therapy they will be removed and place in child protective services. and any Pastor or other Religious counselor who holds them self out as a pastoral counselor should be held liable if they do not take steps to prevent suicide or other life threatening behavior as set forth in current state, local or federal law by those they “counsel or minister.”

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