MTVu To Show 'Em How It's Done

College Students Are Gay, Don’t Know How To Say It

MTV’s college kid network – the appropriately acronymed MTVu – will be getting a little gay this fall when they unveil a new series, How Do I Say This? I’m Gay.

It all started when the youthful, Viacom-backed network teamed up with Cisco to sponsor the Digital Incubator Grant: a competition “designed to mobilize a new generation of digital innovators.” Last year’s winners included the UCLA students behind community-based advice website called MTVu liked the kids so much, they decided to give them a show.

So, how do we fagalas fit in? Well, it seems of all the site’s questions, coming out came out on top. Does this mean there are more gay people than any other confused population? Possibly.

This show seems like a great idea. Although, one wonders how they’ll make an entire series out of How Do I Say This? I’m Gay.? The answer’s in the title!