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College Swimmer Parker Camp Told Everyone He’s Gay. The Reaction He Got Will Inspire You

parkerswims2.0_standard_709.0We love a good coming out story, especially in college athletics. More and more we’re starting to see a shift in how homosexuality is perceived on and off the field in America, and the more stories are shared, the wider affect they’ll have on gay athletes and their straight teammates.

Last week we shared Drew University baseball player Matt Kaplan’s touchingly undramatic voyage out of the closet, and now we’re happy to congratulate University of Virginia varsity swimmer Parker Camp on his choice to go public with being gay.

The 22-year-old wrote a lengthy first person account for Outsports, in which he says his teammates were entirely supportive — amazing — though coming out to his family took a leap of faith. Here are some highlights:

On deciding to pull the trigger:

“I imagined the relief I would feel being open with who I was. I could live a life true to myself. I could be happy. The moment I came to this realization, there was no turning back. I wanted to tell the world.”

ParkerDad_mediumOn his sister’s reaction:

“After a few minutes of questions and finally being convinced, she broke down crying. It caught me off guard and I thought maybe I was hearing static. I asked if she was crying and she was able to choke out a short sentence: ‘I’m just so happy for you.'”

His older brother’s text the night Parker came out to him:

“We are the definition of a modern family. The grandparents who spent a lifetime together, divorced parents that are polar opposites, the gay kid, the hardcore hipster girl, the everyday church goer, and whatever I am. And I wouldn’t trade it for any other family in the world.”

Congrats, Parker.

Read the full story here.