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Colombia’s Gay Couples Granted Groundbreaking Freedom To Kiss In Public

Oh, hallelu! The constitutional court of Colombia has ruled that gay couples no longer have to face legal persecution when they do the outlandish, in-your-face, totally inappropriate acts of holding hands or kissing in public. May the joyous tears of Equality freely flow!

A security guard forced two men to leave a mall in Cali, Colombia after they were found publicly smooching. You know, the very same activity heterosexuals are caught doing at every turn, shoving their straightness down our throats. The court saw the light and decided, miraculously, that what’s good enough for the straights is good for the gays. It was decided that booting out the gay couple violated their human rights, and that the actions of the security guard displayed “discrimination that only affected gay couples.”

Nevermind that homosexuality hasn’t been a crime in Colombia for 32 years, that in 2007 and 2008 gay couples were granted property rights, social security and pensions equal to straight folks, and that last year a gay American father was allowed to take his legally adopted Colombian sons out of the country. Nevermind that the ad above has already been seen in the South American nation. The most important piece of gay rights needing an actual court ruling is to grant same-sex couples the right to equally obnoxious public displays of affection as heterosexuals.

You can now brazenly rub your partner’s back sans fear of retribution in front of Bogota’s version of The Gap. That homophobic security guard thinking he’s on a Latin American version of Cops will now think twice about imposing his own warped morality on us. Oh, blessed day!

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  • David

    Despite this article swimming in sarcasm, this is actually a great thing for gay Columbians. It sets legal precedence which is extremely important in future progress of LGBT issues in Columbia. The next time a stupid security guard tries to do this, swift legal retribution can occur.

  • Well

    Well, just try to kiss in a U.S. mall below the Bible belt and see what happens.

  • Alvaro

    I agree, what’s with the weird sarcasm? It’s not as if it’s any better in most of the US. In fact, Latin America is edging ahead in terms of gay rights compared to the US.

  • villa viper

    Maybe the author is so pissy because he is an older white dude who is use to getting all of the young minorities in the US.

    The thought of brown on brown luvin maybe makes him feel jealous and left out :-(

    Poor ole Gringo …

  • Aussie Col

    I love the sarcasm, sounds like it was written by an Aussie. Great news Colombia.

  • Flick

    @Alvaro: Edging? They are already ahead of the U.S. in the gay rights department. Gay marriage is nationally recognized in Argentina and Mexico (if your marriage is performed in Mexico City), and civil unions are nationally recognized in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay. The U.S. has a handful of states that have marriage or marriage equivalent civil unions. We also have DOMA, which ensures that NONE of these unions are nationally recognized.

    Oh yes, and most countries in Latin America have national anti-discrimination laws in place. Homosexuality has also been legal for many places in the region long before Lawrence v. Texas struck down sodomy laws nationwide in the USA. Believe it or not, homosexuality had been nationally legal in Mexico for over 90 years before it was nationally legal… in Canada!

  • Jon

    As someone who lived in Bogota for a year, this is great news although not unexpected as they continue to evolve on such issues. With their long history of drug violence, they make progress every day.

    As for the author, I would suggest you drop the attitude and get on a plane to Colombia for a week and check things out. Your article is simply a bitter rant instead of an informed piece of reporting. You should rewrite it.

  • billywingartenson

    @David: its my understanding that columbia grantsgays common law marriage after either 2 or 5 years

    And last year their supreme court ruled unanmiously that gays get equal marriage rights. The law requires that these rights be put in place by some time in 2013.

    Dont know if CUs or marriage will actually ooccur but this is another stake through the heart of the catholic church of the endless hidden molestation of children by its unmarried priests

    and the German f#@k!ng Pope who in 2009 UNexcommunciated a holocaust denying bishop williamson. – comments

  • Aussie Col

    Hi everyone, I am so interested in the comments that think this is a bitter rant. I see it as using sarcasm to highlight the irony of the situation. With all respect I have heard that sarcasm is not treated lightly in some countries, and I wonder if that is what is happening here? Hope my previous answer was not disrespectful to anyone.

  • Hephaestion

    Please re-write this article.

    The author needs to go to Colombia and see that there are some magnificent things taking place there that far surpass the US. And gay people are tossed out of facilities in the US for kissing, too.

  • Qwfwq

    @villa viper: Villa Viper your comments say so much more about you than about anything having to do with this article, older white dudes, or columbian lovin which i doubt is exclusively ‘brown on brown’. What an absolutely silly, unnecessary and biased thing to say in the face of good news.

  • villa viper

    @Qwfwq: No it’s not unnecessary. Older White men usually cant get other young white men so they prey on young minorities. Everyone knows it I just point it out.

    And the pic showed two ethnic looking Latino men fool..thus brown on brown luvin :-)

    Everyone else that posted had some silly speculative reason as to why the author was a smart ass, yet somehow my post was less valid. Maybe this says more about YOUR agenda :-( and less about mine :-)

  • darkorient

    Never think much of Colombia, but now I have a newfound respect for the country

  • iluvcakes

    Wow they’re hot

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