Colorado Senate Passes Civil Unions Bill

gaycoloradoOn Monday, the Colorado Senate easily passed a civil unions bill that wold grant same-sex coupes similar rights to those of married couples. The bill passed with a 21-14 vote with the approval of only one Republican, Sen. Ellen Roberts.

The Denver Post reports:

The Senate on Friday gave initial approval to the bill. Democrats control the Senate 20-15, so there was no doubt about the outcome of the legislation — Senate Bill 11.

Lawmakers often are silent during the official vote, simply voting “yes” or “no,” but often on high-profile bills there is another round of debate before the vote.

But there was no further debate Monday, perhaps because it was the third time in three years the Senate has debated the measure.

Democrats had tried unsuccessfully to pass the civil unions bill both in 2011 and 2012, but Republicans blocked their way each time. But the bill’s fortunes may soon be reversed thanks to a series of Democratic victories, including the election of the House’s first openly gay speaker — Rep. Mark Ferrandino.

Senate Bill 11 now heads to the Democratic-controlled House where it is also expected to pass.