Colorado State Football Players Beat Crap Out Of Freshmen, Yelling Gay Slurs

Four freshmen walking home from a party Friday night were violently attacked by three Colorado State University football players, reports 9News.

The football players had been yelling homophobic slurs at them from an SUV, and when one of the freshmen talked back, the CSU jocks got out of the car and started beating them very harshly.

Now, it doesn’t appear that any of the freshmen attacked were gay, but the coupling of senseless violence with gay slurs is still alarming.

The football team has suspended three players: Nordly Capi, Mike Orakpo and Colton Paulhus, but has not yet admitted that they were the attackers.

Donny Gocha, the freshmen who was worst attacked, has been chronicling the story on his Facebook, posting a picture of himself the day after (right, with caption “I can literally barely see today”). He also acknowledged that other football players have come to him to apologize for the actions of their teammates and to say that they don’t want this to represent the rest of the CSU team:

Had a bunch of football players just come to my room and apologize for what happens [sic]. I agree it shouldn’t make the whole team look bad! Only if nothing was done then I’d be upset and that isn’t the case. Glad I have so many people who care though.