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What do Colton Haynes, Gus Kenworthy, and Shawn Mendes have in common? (Hint: It involves Sean Cody)

OMFG! Are Colton Haynes, Gus Kenworthy, and Shawn Medes making a Sean Cody film?

The trio hooked up at iHeartRadio MMVAs over the weekend, where they snapped a selfie together on the red carpet.

The iHeartRadio MMVAs are broadcast on the Canadian television channel Much and celebrates the year’s best music videos.

The hunky Winter Olympian shared this picture of himself next to Haynes and Mendes (and the Sean Cody logo!) with his nearly 300K Twitter followers, along with the caption: “New video coming soon!”

Obviously, the whole thing’s a joke. The guys are not making a porno together, much to our disappointment.

But we can still dream, right?

Naturally, others had quite a bit to say about the idea.

Check out some of the responses…