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Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham’s divorce back on after failed attempt at reconciling

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham cuddling by the poolside

This just in: Actor Colton Haynes and celebrity florist Jeff Leatham’s divorce is back on after they tried and failed at giving things another go, The Blast reports.

Quick backstory: Haynes filed for divorce from Leatham earlier this year after just six months of marriage.

In the filing, Haynes cited irreconcilable differences for the reason and requested that neither he nor Leatham be required to pay any spousal support. He also asked that each cover his own legal bills.

A few days later, Leatham filed court documents citing the same reason for the divorce and agreeing to Haynes’ request that neither pay the other spousal support.

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Then the case went inactive for nearly seven months, with neither side taking any action to move things forward. In fact, for a brief while it looked like they were trying to patch things up.

In September, Gus Kenworthy, who is a close friend of the couple, told US Weekly that they were “working on things,” adding: “I think that they’re in a good place. I don’t know if they’re back together or if they’re not going to be together, but I think that they’re in a good place.”

Then in October, both guys celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary on Instagram, even though their divorce filing was still active.

Haynes has since deleted his post, but Leatham’s is still up.

But apparently things have taken a turn for the worst since then because last week Leatham served Haynes with a preliminary declaration of disclosure.

The Blast reports:

The actor’s estranged husband filed court documents revealing he has served Haynes with a preliminary declaration of disclosure, which is legal talk for handing over financial information to the actor in the case.

The court docs were filed after nearly seven months of inactivity in the case, with neither side trying to move it along or make the divorce official. The recent filing by Leatham informing the court of him serving his ex means he wants to keep the case moving.

It’s too bad they haven’t been able to work things out, but some things just aren’t meant to be.

Here’s hoping they both find happiness.

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