Desperate times

Colton Haynes just gave himself a DIY haircut on YouTube and the results are, um, interesting

Hair clippers and electric razors are in short supply these days as more and more Americans are giving themselves DIY haircuts to varying degrees of success.

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Colton Haynes let everyone know he would be cutting his own hair and if they wanted to see they should hop over to his newly revamped YouTube channel.

“Get ready with me lol,” he said. “Here’s my attempt at making a YouTube video…pls don’t try this at home kids haha.”

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The 12-minute video is Haynes’ first new post to his YouTube channel in over four years and it has already garnered over 35,000 views in just a few days.

“We’re gonna do a haircut today,” he tells viewers. “I’m not a professional hair stylist, so don’t call this a tutorial at all. Don’t do this at home, kids.”

He then proceeds to spend several minutes blindly shaving the sides and back of his head without the aide of a second mirror.

“That doesn’t look too bad, though, does it?” he asks halfway through the haircut.


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