Colton Haynes mourns the death of his sister: “I just feel absolutely gutted”

Colton Haynes just announced that his sister, Julie, has lost her battle with cancer. The actor shared the sad news on Instagram yesterday.

I’m at a loss for words,” he wrote. “My beautiful sister Julie passed away from a long battle with cancer. My heart hurts.”

He continued: “Trying my hardest to focus on being grateful that she doesn’t have to suffer any longer and remembering all the incredible times we’ve had together. But I just feel absolutely gutted that our family can’t be together to hold one another during this crippling time. I love you.”

Haynes included several family photos with his tribute.

Though they were 20 years apart and had different mothers, Colton and Julie were very close. The actor would frequently share photos on Instagram of the two of them together.

According to her obituary, Julie, who was 51, is survived by her husband and three children, as well as both of her parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

Sadly, the family will not be able to mourn together for her funeral because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Due to the current COVID-19 situation, a time to honor Julie’s life will be held at a later date,” the obituary stated. “Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks ahead.”

Haynes has had a difficult few years. In March 2018, he lost his mother, Dana, to liver complications. One year later, in March 2019, he announced he was sober after going on a week-long bender after finalizing his divorce from Jeff Leatham.

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