Colton Haynes’ New Abercrombie Photos Aren’t Half As Hot As His Others

abercrombie-celebs-06Former Abercrombie & Fitch model Colton Haynes is returning to his roots for the upcoming A&F Spring collection catalogue, better known as Toned White Kids Playing Football Quarterly.

The 25-year-old Teen Wolf and Arrow star appears in a series of new advertisements modeling cool kids clothes along with other “diverse” and famous faces like The Vampire Diaries‘ Steven R. McQueen and Revenge‘s Christa B. Allen.

In a video accompanying their new glossy headshots, the stars can be seen doing average, everyday things like hugging male models, taking phone calls, rolling in waves, and ushering a pack of puppies from a vintage VW van.

Check out Colton’s spread below:

abercrombie-celebs-05 abercrombie-celebs-04 abercrombie-celebs-03 abercrombie-celebs-02

Sure, those photos are cool. Not half as cool as those candid photos of Colton Haynes making out with another dude, or these other hot moments:

jack tumblr_l26w8w80Xi1qzwburo1_500 Colton_Haynes_season_2 large (2) Colton Haynes-45 Colton-Haynes-replay-briefs

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  • yaoming

    Oops – spoiled it at the end.

  • B Damion he gay? or nnnnnnaahhh?

  • tardis

    I don’t really know who Colton Haynes is.

  • MK Ultra

    Is he gay? Or out? Or straight?
    I’ve heard conflicting things about him.

  • swellster

    @MK Ultra: He used to be out. Got a little more famous and went mainstream then went back in. Now is Cleopatra.

    BTW I still have a copy of that XY mag he was in but at my age I feel a bit creepy looking at it.

  • kinseyfiles

    @swellster: Don’t feel guilty about looking at handsome young men. Older straight men have no problem blatantly admiring beautiful young women and even brag about it. Don’t let homophobes intimidate you. It’s a perfectly ‘male” thing to do.

  • balehead

    Zachery Quinto use to date him….

  • renly

    I think we have another glass closet situation on our hands. He allegedly has a gay brother, which always seems to be the case for guys like him. Something tells me we’re going to wait a few years and then we’ll get the “out in private, not in public” shtick.

  • litper

    He’s ….king gay, the photos of him and his ex-bf are all over the net. And it’s disgusting that he’s in a closet!!!

  • robirob

    @Cam: Those pictures showed up and made the rounds while he was on a previous show called The Gates which lasted only one season. The pictures and the online chitter chatter followed him around a bit and right before MTV’s Teen Wolf premiered a lawyer entered the arena and tried to scrub the internet clean from all the ‘career ruining’ gay talk and homoerotic ‘smut’. And look how that turned out.

  • mikeysexc

    Speaking of which, were their not more pictures here when this first went up? I feel like some were removed, and if they were removed it would be nice if the reason was posted for the exact reason robirob outlines in the above post about the lawyer..

    I could have sworn, their was a pic of him and his bf or something in boxers cooking…

  • mikeysexc

    nvm i see it now, its galleried…. -_-

  • Brendan

    I don’t really see the point in doing articles advertising this guy and his work when he’s a liar and sets a bad example for gay youth. If you can’t be honest about who you are, why should we give a rat’s ass about you? It’s one thing to choose not to come out but it’s another to be out and then go back into the closet the moment you think it will help your career or make little girls fawn over you (the reason gay members in boy bands don’t come out). It’s okay to be gay and people like Colton and Luke Evans seem to think otherwise.

  • stranded

    I’m probably ignorant of all the information, but i thought all the pictures with Jerreth Ludwig and Colton Haynes were part of a photo spread. A young and struggling actor/model would take any job that comes his way. That’s pretty much what i see with Haynes. So isn’t all this “He went back in the closet to further his career” made up bullshit?

  • LadywithaLamp

    I don’t mind just looking at beauty, you don’t ask a sunset if it is gay or even care…Same thing with pretty men…Of course I am an old married queer so all I get to do anymore is look. LOL

  • KwisatzHaderach

    “He goes to the Wentworth Miller School of Dramatic Arts…”

    Saw that in the comment section of another Haynes article and thought it described the situation perfectly. I even see their careers having the same trajectory. The LA gays I know know what’s up. His past two shows have gay showrunners who are no doubt “shielding” him. I mean, I’m kinda past caring at this point… is he “bearding”? Making homophobic protestations to the contrary? No? Well, if he can’t live openly, seems to me he’s only hurting himself (or rather he’s the one hurting the most).

  • litper

    @stranded: yes you are ignorant, there is much more evidence than that one photo…

  • litper

    @KwisatzHaderach: at this point I don’t even see the reasons for him to stay in the closet.

  • jwrappaport

    @LadywithaLamp: That’s an incredibly enlightened sentiment. I have nothing but contempt for forced outing and the pointless sniping in the comments here.

    Why can’t we just let him be? Aaron Schock is one thing, but Colton Haynes seems completely benign (unless I’m radically mistaken). His coming out (if indeed he’s gay or bi) is his own damned business.

  • robirob

    @litper: Are you kidding? That guy is crazy ambitious.

    I am pretty sure he quit Teen Wolf, because he and his manager thought without being tied to the TV show he would get cast in the Devergent movie franchise. When that didn’t happen he and his manager had to scramble and, luck would have it, the role in Arrow fell in his lap (or he fell in Greg Berlanti’s lap).

    A guy with a straight public image gets the roles he is aiming for. Look at Hollywood. Pretty much every film has pretty guys who cannot act (case in point: Kellan Lutz, Taylor Lautner). But all of these guys have one thing in common: They play the Hollywood game and pretend to be straight for the public and Hollywood rewards them with movie roles as long their movies make a profit. That is the lucrative career Colton Hayes is aiming for while having his private gay fun away from the public.

  • robirob

    sorry, Colton Haynes, of course.

  • robirob

    dangit, the movie franchise is Divergent. My apologies for the correction(s).

  • krystalkleer

    str8?gay?bi? it don’t matter…great pix!

  • tdx3fan

    @kinseyfiles: If you are straight and see a girl young enough to be your daughter and talk about how sexy she is, you need to have your ass kicked. Same goes for gay men. Its disgusting when older guys go after guys young enough to be their grandson or son just because of their looks and nothing else.

  • Niall

    @stranded: The photog who was in charge of the spread said the two definitely were bf, not taking his word just saying. Also, even though he’s not gay, he obviously feels there’s something “bad” about the pics or his management wouldn’t have started taking them down.

  • brianmovie

    This man never takes a bad photo, he did leave Teen Wolf but now is on Arrow on the WB network, and he is still hot as hell.

  • Daggerman

    …all I can say is WOW he’s hot, brooding, and has the most amazing sex appeal I’ve ever seen…

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