Colton Haynes’ New Abercrombie Photos Aren’t Half As Hot As His Others

abercrombie-celebs-06Former Abercrombie & Fitch model Colton Haynes is returning to his roots for the upcoming A&F Spring collection catalogue, better known as Toned White Kids Playing Football Quarterly.

The 25-year-old Teen Wolf and Arrow star appears in a series of new advertisements modeling cool kids clothes along with other “diverse” and famous faces like The Vampire Diaries‘ Steven R. McQueen and Revenge‘s Christa B. Allen.

In a video accompanying their new glossy headshots, the stars can be seen doing average, everyday things like hugging male models, taking phone calls, rolling in waves, and ushering a pack of puppies from a vintage VW van.

Check out Colton’s spread below:

abercrombie-celebs-05 abercrombie-celebs-04 abercrombie-celebs-03 abercrombie-celebs-02

Sure, those photos are cool. Not half as cool as those candid photos of Colton Haynes making out with another dude, or these other hot moments:

jack tumblr_l26w8w80Xi1qzwburo1_500 Colton_Haynes_season_2 large (2) Colton Haynes-45 Colton-Haynes-replay-briefs