Beyond the grave

Colton Haynes shares haunting letter he received from his dead mother

Sometimes the dead speak to us.

Colton Haynes just shared a letter he received from his dead mother threatening to return as a ghost and haunt him if he didn’t continue following his dreams.

The letter reads: “Colton you, little sh*t! I will come back and haunt you if you don’t follow through on your dreams. My love to my four beautiful children. Mom.”

The 29-year-old actor captioned the photo: “My moms last written words. I got u mom. Are they ready? Haha…this town has never been ready for us Kansas folk…get ready.”

In February, Haynes revealed his mother, Dana, had advanced cirrhosis of the liver and was in kidney failure. Without a new liver, Dana’s condition was terminal.

She passed away about a month later.

In June, Haynes also posted a tribute to his late father, William, who passed away when Colton was just 14.

While we’re sure the grief over losing his mother is still very fresh, we’re glad to see Colton is still able to have a laugh with his mom. And we certainly hope he continues following those dreams!

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