Colton Underwood poses nude for leather daddy inspired photoshoot

Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood is giving what we imagine most of his followers and fans want: smoldering new shirtless photos of himself looking scruffy and sexy.

Yesterday he shared some images to Instagram that he recently took with celebrity photographer Damon Baker. He captioned the images: “A little different. A little better. A little wiser.”

In the black and white shots, Underwood, 29, can be seen clutching a leather jacket, chomping on a fat cigar, and even posing nude (with the aforementioned leather jacket covering his groin). Another one finds him leaning on a giant mirror ball. Swipe to see the images.

The photos were shot at the home of celebrity stylist Nicola Formichetti, who is probably best known for his work with Lady Gaga.

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Underwood, Formichetti and Baker all shared images from the shoot. It’s not known if the pics were shot for any particular magazine or project. Baker has previously shot the likes of Ewan McGregor, Post Malone, Cindy Crawford and DaBaby. The photographer captioned his images, “Cancel culture, f u !”


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Underwood famously came out in an interview with Good Morning America in April. However, his announcement led to divided opinions. For a start, he became famous seeking a wife on the Bachelor shows, and his previous girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, took out a restraining order against him only last year (which was lifted after a couple of months).

Formichetti posted several of the images to their Instagram stories (@nicolaformichetti)

Then it emerged Underwood had already negotiated to film a documentary series for Netflix about his coming-out journey. This led to criticism from some that he was monetizing his coming-out process.

A few weeks later, Underwood revealed to Variety that part of the reason he decided to come out was that he’d been blackmailed by someone who took photos of him visiting a gay spa.

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