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Colts Player Andrew Luck Has “Absolutely No Problem” With Gay Players

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck recently sat down with Jim Boulden of CNN during a trip to London. In the interview, he told Boulden he has no problem with a gay teammate.

“I hope if someone’s thinking about [coming out], that if they do come out as gay and it makes them happy and it makes their life easier, then I think they should do it,” Luck said.

“It’s the 21st century, and I know I would have absolutely no problem with it. I hope no one would treat him any differently than any straight player, no special treatment — he’s just another guy.”

The interview comes in the wake of several landmarks for LGBT athletes: NBA player Jason Collins coming out, Robbie Rogers joining the LA Galaxy, and WNBA’s Brittney Griner coming out.

Luck is not the first NFL player to vocalize support for out athletes and the LGBTQ community but it certainly is a welcome gesture of support.

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  • balehead

    Is he also starting a tax free foundation?….I’ll believe it when I see it!!

  • viveutvivas

    Well, nice to know, but nobody really asked his opinion or needs his approval to be gay.

  • unclemike

    @viveutvivas: Actually, this was an interview. Somebody obviously did ask him his opinion.

  • davegun2

    These people are called Advocates, with a capital A.

    Nurture them.

    I lived all my life without any A’s. So stop the negatives and cherish these positive Advocates.

  • DarkZephyr

    @viveutvivas: I am pretty sure he wasn’t suggesting that we “needed his approval”. And I am pretty darn certain he was asked. That’s what they have been asking athletes lately.

  • DarkZephyr

    @davegun2: Amen! Jeez the bitter snarkiness on this site. NO one is spared no matter how much of an ally or advocate they are.

  • Desert Boy

    Andrew Luck is one amazing guy. He’s a graduate of Stanford University. His throwing arm on the field is strong and his pass completion rate is 76.5 for 2012. Now I learn he’s cool with gay players. Andrew Luck is one awesome young man.

  • boring

    Dude’s 23 years old! Homophobia is going to just eventually going to vanish from sports as a younger generation who didn’t have a stigma attached to homosexuality (at least, in comparison to decades ago) start filing in, it’s going to be awesome.

    But it still won’t get me to watch any sort of sporting event.

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