Colombian Politician Wants To Ban Shakira’s New Video For “Promoting Lesbianism”

tumblr_n09a99majD1r62d6to1_500Shakira and Rihanna’s racy new music video for their first duet “Can’t Remember To Forget You” has been met with high praise since debuting last week, but not everyone is a fan of the whole Scantily Clad Lesbians Smoking Cigars In Bed thing.

Since “reviewing” the video privately in his bedroom late at night, Bogota Councilman Marco Fidel Ramirez has publicly condemned the lesbionic nature of it, telling CNN it should be banned from Colombian airwaves and writing an open letter to the singer, asking her to “remove the video from the Internet and consider retracting the song altogether.”

Like Vladimir Putin, Ramirez believes everyone in his country should be subjected to his own personal beliefs, and unsurprisingly believes Shakira’s lesbian imagery and fake smoking will damage the “moral integrity” of children and convince them to do the same.


“I think the message that Shakira is sending to the youth and children around the world is a message that sells a lifestyle and promotes a particular orientation, that in my opinion, does not reflect the views of most Colombians,” he told CNN. “I feel it promotes immorality.”

Nevermind the thousands of other videos and artists “promoting” smoking lesbians in Colombia. Shakira is different, says Ramirez:

In Colombia, Shakira is more than a music star. She is an important advocate and philanthropist who has a foundation to help impoverished children in Colombia and has been a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

Ramirez calls himself a fan of Shakira, and argues that precisely because of her talent and fame, she doesn’t need sex to sell her albums.

Below, enjoy Shakira and Rihanna rolling around in bed smoking in “Can’t Remember To Forget You.” Be careful, though! You may desperately need a lesbian lay and a good cigar after it.