Colombian Politician Wants To Ban Shakira’s New Video For “Promoting Lesbianism”

tumblr_n09a99majD1r62d6to1_500Shakira and Rihanna’s racy new music video for their first duet “Can’t Remember To Forget You” has been met with high praise since debuting last week, but not everyone is a fan of the whole Scantily Clad Lesbians Smoking Cigars In Bed thing.

Since “reviewing” the video privately in his bedroom late at night, Bogota Councilman Marco Fidel Ramirez has publicly condemned the lesbionic nature of it, telling CNN it should be banned from Colombian airwaves and writing an open letter to the singer, asking her to “remove the video from the Internet and consider retracting the song altogether.”

Like Vladimir Putin, Ramirez believes everyone in his country should be subjected to his own personal beliefs, and unsurprisingly believes Shakira’s lesbian imagery and fake smoking will damage the “moral integrity” of children and convince them to do the same.


“I think the message that Shakira is sending to the youth and children around the world is a message that sells a lifestyle and promotes a particular orientation, that in my opinion, does not reflect the views of most Colombians,” he told CNN. “I feel it promotes immorality.”

Nevermind the thousands of other videos and artists “promoting” smoking lesbians in Colombia. Shakira is different, says Ramirez:

In Colombia, Shakira is more than a music star. She is an important advocate and philanthropist who has a foundation to help impoverished children in Colombia and has been a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

Ramirez calls himself a fan of Shakira, and argues that precisely because of her talent and fame, she doesn’t need sex to sell her albums.

Below, enjoy Shakira and Rihanna rolling around in bed smoking in “Can’t Remember To Forget You.” Be careful, though! You may desperately need a lesbian lay and a good cigar after it.

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  • balehead

    Next they’ll ban hawtness??…Like some of the posters on here want to do?…

  • Kangol

    I know I wanted a cigar after this song. HOT!

  • BBellairs

    I don’t get it, I thought str8 men got off on lesbian sex. Oh, I forgot, he doesn’t object to it personally, just “for the children.”

  • jimbryant

    Fake lesbians are not GLBT-friendly.

  • Scribe38

    If watching that didn’t turn me str8 nothing ever will.

  • jimbryant

    Rihanna is not a huge fan of us gays. She is on the record aa being a fan of Jamaica’s anti-gay dancehall acts – you know, the ones who think it’s OK to hit and maim gay men and women.

  • sangsue


    She admitted she’s bisexual in 2013. And I find it rich that you’re saying that because she’s a fan of dancehall music – she never said she liked their views – that she hates gays. You hate all women. You have nothing to say dearheart.

  • jimbryant

    Fake lesbianism is anti-GLBT because it feeds into the sense of self-entitlement of straight guys.

    Bisexual women are often an embodiment of this catering to straight guys.

    Women will often fake it if there’s a reward for doing so. Another word for it is prostitution.

  • KDub

    I actually have to agree with jimb on this one. I miss the days when artists used to rely on talent to sell music. The gifs alone are way too overtly sexual and a tad exploitative. I don’t think it has to be banned (which we all know helps to sell even more), maybe just air on after hours TV. And of course there’s always YT and their fake “You must be 18 to view this” agreement.

  • QuintoLover

    Shakira doesn’t need to rely on sex? Look, I love the girl and her music immensely but… her songs ARE sex. Underneath your clothes (which is a freakin ballad with that title), La Tortura (writhing around in the mud), Wherever Whenever (again writhing in mud), Hips don’t Lie, Loca, She Wolf, need I go on?

  • GeriHew

    @jimbryant: But according to you Jimbo 90% of men fall somewhere in the bisexual range:


    This is my theory, and its based on research:

    About 5% of men are exclusively same-sex oriented.

    About 5% of men are exclusively opposite-sex oriented.

    About 90% of men are somewhere in between, with various degrees of same versus opposite-sex orientation.

    What I have referred to above is basically feelings. That’s what orientation means – feelings.

    Now, here is where the complication arises. It arises with behaviour. Male sexual behaviour is determined by environment. For instance, in the environmental absence of women, men turn to men much more easily than they would if women were present.

    Full story here:

    If you are correct (if) then the vast majority of these men who enjoy the hawt girl-on-girl action thing are not 100% straight themselves. Which means they must be some kind of bisexual – yes?

    Maybe this Colombian fellow is one of the 5% of exclusively attracted to women men you identify in your research.Maybe that’s why he doesn’t dig Shakira and Rihanna’s antics….

    Then again maybe you’re just full of sh*t. You certainly seem to have no sense of irony whatsoever.

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