Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Comes Out In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

juan-manuel-santosLGBT people in Colombia were granted property rights, social security and pension equal to heterosexuals back in 2008, and guaranteed federal “equal rights” by the country’s Constitutional Court in 2011, though they haven’t been able to marry due to the fact that same-sex marriage wasn’t explicitly named as a “right” in the decision.

But Colombian marriage equality could now be on the fast track, as Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has officially come out in support of same-sex marriage in a Google Hangout, held this week as part of his reelection campaign.

BuzzFeed translates:

“Marriage between homosexuals seems to me perfectly acceptable, and what’s more I defend unions between two people of the same sex with the same rights and all the same privileges that this union should have. Whether this union is called marriage or not for me is secondary — for me, what is important is that they have their rights.”

Though his proclamation is still considered “ambiguous” by activists, BuzzFeed notes that both of Santos’ opposing candidates have clearly come out in support of marriage equality. So, a win-win situation?

Colombia’s upcoming Presidential election takes place on May 25.