Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Today is National Coming Out Day. Hooray! The holiday has been celebrated each October 11th since the March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Equality in 1987.

Come Out Now

We Queerty people only need to come out of the closet when we can’t decide between our Gucci jeans and our Alexander McQueen suits. Among our readers, though, there might be some souls who shiver in their Fruit of the Loom underwear at the mere thought of coming out. To them we say “Exit that damn closet.” The stale air, not to mention the straight threads in there can’t possibly do you any good.

The Human Rights Campaign has declared that the theme for this year’s National Coming Out Day is “Talk About It.” Last year’s theme was “Come Out. Speak Out. Vote.” The votes went all the wrong way, as far as our rights are concerned, but if even one past closet case is now holding hands with her girlfriend in public, the effort was worthwhile.