Comedian Adam Sank Isn’t Afraid To Show Some Skin For A Laugh

We’ve  got a thing for guys that can make us laugh. (Who doesn’t?) And if they’re cute, to boot—even better! So when we got to Skype with the hilarious comedian Adam Sank earlier this week, we were treated to many laughs and a very nice view—including an impromptu butt shot. (Winning!)

It’s a cliche, but Sank is one of the hardest working guys in comedy today: He’s performed at all the major comedy clubs in Los Angeles and New York, and not too long ago, was featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He’s played out on Fire Island, up in the Poconos and even over in Rehoboth, Delaware.

One of his hairiest gigs, though, was when he performed bare-ass naked at the Gay Naturists International retreat: “It was never my intent to be naked in public,” Sank explains, “I just don’t have the penis for it… It’s a grower, but it doesn’t grow enough.”

But, they group kept asking and Sank, an inveterate people-pleaser relented: “I’m very much a bottom in that sense—I want to do whatever they want me to. So I did a striptease/comedy show. Whenever I got a good laugh, I removed a piece of clothing. At the end, I just had a sock on my dick.”

The crowd of 800 naked men from around the world seemed to love it, because they keep inviting him back. And now Sank is doing similar shows in New York and Fire Island, too. Naked comedy? Works for us.

Listen to the latest episode of the Swish Edition for more of Sank’s exploits (clothed and otherwise)—including why he prefers straight-chick audiences to a room full of gay guys—and more.

Adam’s segment starts at the 33:05 point in the episode.

If you don’t get it from iTunes, stream the latest episode of the Swish Edition right now:

Scott Wallis is the co-host of the Queerty/GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy and interview show. He’s been asked to help host the gay naturists weekend in the Poconos and he’s furiously manscaping to be ready for his unveiling.


Photos: Adam Sank, Michael Martin

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