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Comedian Guy Earle Said Mean Things About 2 Lesbians, and They’d Like $20,000 For It, Thank You

Is it a question of an artist’s right to freedom of expression, or a question of a customer’s right, under Canada’s Human Rights Code, not to be discriminated against? “A standup comedian’s right to use controversial language is under scrutiny at a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal hearing that starts Monday. The case dates back to May 22, 2007, when Toronto comedian Guy Earle was hosting a comedy show at Zesty’s Restaurant. Lorna Pardy, a restaurant patron, charged that Earle subjected her and her same-sex partner to ‘a tirade of homophobic and sexist comments,’ according to the tribunal’s preliminary decision that the case should be heard. .. Pardy’s lawyer, Devyn Cousineau, said Pardy and her friends had just moved inside the restaurant from the patio when Earle started launching discriminatory digs at them, allegedly using words like “dykes” and sexually graphic language. She said Earle even went as far as breaking Pardy’s sunglasses. Pardy is seeking an award $20,000.” [Montreal Gazette]