Comedian refuses to apologize after proudly saying he’d kill a trans woman

Comedian Lil Duval is under fire after saying he’d kill a woman if he found out she was trans after they’d had sex.

Yeah, it’s really that gross.

While sitting in on The Breakfast Club radio show last week, Lil Duval (real name Ronald Powell), was (very stupidly) asked how he’d react if he discovered he’d unknowingly slept with a trans woman.

“This might sound messed up and I don’t care: she dying,” he said.

“I can’t deal with that,” he quickly doubled down. “No, you manipulated me to believe in this thing. My mind, I’m gay now.”

The hosts of the show, including Charlamagne tha God, tried to steer him back to port, telling him, “That’s a hate crime, you can’t do that.”

But Duval repeated himself one more time: “I didn’t say I was gonna kill transgenders. I said, if one did that to me, and they didn’t tell me, I’mma be so mad I’d probably kill them.”

On their own, the comments are upsetting. Considering the tragic reality that trans women are frequent victims of domestic abuse and murder, they’re downright dangerous.

Laverne Cox posted this response:

Meanwhile, Duval has dug his heels in, proving just what kind of man he is:

You can find his comments below, at the 6:57 mark: