Comic Books Sex Up Their Female Heroes, So How About The Men?

THE SHOT – Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool asked, “What If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman On The David Finch Justice League Cover?” And now you have your answer above. Comic book artists tend to tramp-out their heroines, but then again the mens’ costumes leave very little to the imagination either—holy sexploitation, Batman!

Question though: we can identify most of the heroes in the top two rows, but who is the guy in the tie and the guy with the star-nipple pasties? Can we hire them for our friend’s bachelor party?

Via Jezebel

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  • Chad

    I have no idea who is between Alan Moore and Spider Jerusalem, but the star nippled blue and gold chap is Booster Gold.

  • Luke

    The only super I associate with a red tie is The Spirit, but if that’s him than everything else is a really weird choice.

    I believe the guy next to Alan Moore is supposed to be Rob Liefeld and his over abundance of pockets and pouches!

  • Joseph

    Nipple star pasties is Booster Gold.

  • Joe

    Not sure what the fuss is; you can’t get any gayer and sex-ed up than superheroes in spandex

  • Interesting

    They still write comic books like the audience is straight, white teenaged boys.

  • Skeloric

    Oh lord, I should be thinking how hot they are — except I’m actually quite turned off by it all.
    Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to try to emulate wonder woman.

  • Three-Dollar Bill

    @Skeloric: Way to totally miss the point.

    Also, were you ever a poster on the White Wolf forums? Because that handle is hella-familiar.

  • JayKay

    If they were aiming for sexy, they missed.

  • Skeloric

    @ $3 Bill.
    Hi, yep its me.

    @JayKay — totally what i was saying too.

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