Comic Matt Lucas destroys UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in hilarious new video

Boris Johnson, homophobe
Boris Johnson

Funny, we were just craving some British comedy.

Out comic Matt Lucas, best known for roles in the sketch comedy show Little Britain and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland just posted a scathing critique of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Johnson delivered a speech May 10 about reopening the UK despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which was often self-contradictory. Johnson encouraged Brits to go to work, stay home, take public transit, avoid public transit and obey social distancing precautions (the primary tenet of which is to stay home).

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The Guardian reports that the speech met with wide ridicule from leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland–all of whom encouraged citizens to remain at home. Other British MP’s also criticized the speech for lacking “clarity.”

Lucas apparently agrees. In the 17-second post, he highlights the odd contradictions of Johnson’s speech and the utter confusion of his thesis. It should be noted that Johnson himself actually contracted COVID-19 in late March and spent almost a full month in recovery.

At present, the UK has the highest COVID-19 related death toll in Europe. Johnson is determined to reopen the nation over the objections of scientists and other government officials.