Not a good look

After coming out as ‘not gay,’ Taron Egerton hails Kevin Spacey as an ‘audacious flirt’

Taron Egerton, who just debunked his rumored coming-out with the whole “I’m just secure in my sexuality” refrain, is now making controversial comments on Kevin Spacey’s alleged sexual misconduct.

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The two actors worked together on the box office disaster Billionaire Boys Club, which earned just $126 — yes, only three digits — on its opening day this August. And Egerton offered his thoughts about his former co-star in an interview with the Daily Telegraph:

“He was never inappropriate with me. There’s a fine line, though, isn’t there, between someone being an audacious flirt and being predatory? I thought he was the former.”

In another interview, this one with Radio Times, the Rocketman actor says he could have put Spacey in his place had anything untoward happened:

“If I had been the subject of his advances, I don’t think that would have been the greatest challenge to deal with. I don’t think I would have felt rocked to the core by it. It’s weird because he and I had stayed in touch, he had asked me to socialize. When it all kicked off, I don’t think I was particularly surprised by it. It’s such a tricky, complicated, and weird thing, it’s almost Greek [tragedy], isn’t it?”

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Meanwhile, The Daily Beast reports that around 30 men have accused Spacey of inappropriate sexual conduct or unwanted advances, but Egerton seems more concerned with the former House of Cards star’s career.

“He’s just gone now,” he says of Spacey, per Daily Beast. “Gone. We live in the age of the internet maelstrom and one tweet from an anonymous person can bring down a career.”

To his credit, Egerton deemed Spacey’s behavior unacceptable — eventually.

“On the surface level, he’s flirty,” he observes. “He is not my first experience of a flirty older bloke. Even from the age of 17 or 18, I’ve experienced that and I’ve never felt threatened by that, although [Spacey] obviously has made some people feel threatened, and that’s unacceptable.”