Coming Soon: A Virulently Homophobic Feature By Kirk Cameron’s Creationist Buddy, Ray Comfort

Grab your Bible, brimstone and buttered popcorn! Ray Comfort, a close personal pal of confirmed Creationist wackadoodle Kirk Cameron, is about to release a feature-length film called Audacity, which plumbs the depths of two hot-button issues: gay marriage and God’s unstoppered wrath.

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Comfort (who believes bananas are incontrovertible proof of God’s existence because they fit in your hand) executive produced this tacky tale of a bike messenger/aspiring comedian (Traver Owens) who must defend his stubborn views on religion and homosexuality in the face of militant, in-yo-face gays and gay supporters. Judging by the trailer, he’s harangued by an uppity young woman with a gay sister (the audacity!), two lesbians who brightly chirp about their marriage license in the tight confines of an elevator (the audacity!), and then, just to be that way, a scary guy with a gun (the audacity!)

We’ve watched the trailer five times and still have no idea what’s going on, but it definitely looks cringey-hilarious in its infinite ineptitude, and we’ll be watching the whole goddamn thing with Godspeed. OH, THE AUDACITY…!