Coming Soon: “Bachelor” Juan Pablo’s Full Frontal, Fully Erect Nude Selfie

Karma’s a bitch.

Last month, The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo Galavis made headlines when he called gay people “perverted” in an interview with TV Page. (He later claimed he was quoted out of context.)

Now, Radar Online is reporting it has a full frontal nudie pic of the 32-year-old reality star.

The dirty picture was allegedly sent via text message to Juan Pablo’s new lady love. Because nothing says “I love you” like a photograph of one’s genitalia.

“The reality TV contestant is fully nude in the photo with an erect penis,” Radar Online reports, “and it has been verified that it came from a cell phone registered to the woman that the 32-year-old reportedly chooses as his final rose recipient.”

It is believed the nameless woman is the one responsible for leaking the photo. Sounds like a match made it Heaven.

We’re sure Juan Pablo’s legal team is doing everything possible to prevent the photos from being made public. But we know how these things go. If there’s a photo out there, it’s only a matter of time before it makes its way to the internet.

See you soon, Juan Pablo!