Coming Soon: James Franco Performs Oral On Prosthetic Penis In Hart Crane Biopic

The viewing public will soon be able to see James Franco perform oral sex on Academy Award-winning Michael Shannon’s… prosthetic penis.

It all goes down in The Broken Tower, a 99-minute Hart Crane biopic that Franco wrote and directed for his NYU thesis. The black-and-white film, which premieres April 27 at the IFC Center in New York, follows Franco as gay poet Hart, who notoriously slept with sailors; Michael Shannon plays one he falls in love with—and goes down on.

It’s just the next chapter in his master plan to make a movie about every famous gay person that ever lived.

Of the fellatio, the Wrap writes:

The… oral sex scene between Crane and another man… gets so explicit as to all but guarantee an NC-17 rating. (Though the scene is dimly lit, it clearly shows Franco performing oral sex on what is reportedly a prosthetic penis.)

“My guess is that the two scenes people will talk about the most are the blow-job scene and the 10-minute poetry reading,” Franco said, to laughter from the packed house at the Regal Cinemas.

And Michael Musto says there’s (gasp) straight sex, too:

“From late adolescence, Crane drank heavily. He spent a great deal of time in underworld sex picking up sailors in the harbors of New York, all the while trying to conceal his sexual identity from his parents. Towards the end of his life, his behavior grew increasingly violent and self-destructive. He was jailed on several occasions in New York, Paris, and Mexico.

Near the end, he did have what seems to be his only heterosexual relationship with Peggy Cowley, the ex-wife of  critic and publisher Malcolm Cowley. Crane committed suicide when he returned with Cowley from Mexico in 1932 by jumping off the deck of a ship. He was 32.”

We’ll definitely be at the premiere.