Coming This Fall: Men Doing Drag (Badly) in ABC’s Work It

Question: Who thought Bosom Buddies 2011 was a good idea?

Answer: Everyone at ABC, because here comes Work It. Starring Amaury Nolasco and Ben Koldyke, the isn’t-it-hilarious-that-these-straight-guys-are-wearing-dresses sitcom is scheduled to show up on the network this fall—when it will desperately attempt to sustain one joke about tucking over the course of an entire season.

The show’s premise is that these two guys—out-of-work used car salesmen—decide the best way to find gainful employment is to jump into the female-dominated field of pharmaceutical sales… as women.

Deadline reports that ABC president Paul Lee, speaking at the Television Critic’s Association executive panel made light of the scenario: “I’m a Brit, it is in my contract that I have to do one cross-dressing show a year; I was brought up on Monty Python. What can I do?”

At least they still have Modern Family.