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Eric Hyett and Joshua Glazer will continue their custody battle here in the states. An Israeli judge ruled yesterday that the men and their child, Jedediah, must return to New York to hash out their custody battle. Hyett took Jebediah to Israel earlier this month, a move Glazer called “kidnapping.” The Israelis, however, disagreed with that description, according to Hyett.

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  • hells kitchen guy

    My strong suspicion is that the Israeli government hope he leaves quietly. I don’t think they want anything to do with this mess – and who can blame them?

  • Sean S.

    Its clear that there is a vast conspiracy between the Israeli and American court systems to deny Hyett custody of his child.


    ^ Bullshit, good for Israel this matter should be resolved here and quickly. This little baby deserves some peace and stability in his life pronto!
    Shame on both guys for putting him through this.

  • Sean S.

    I wonder where all the other people went who were rahrahing this kind of behavior?

  • ted

    Sean: Therapy. Get some.

  • Sean S.


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