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Comme des Garçons’ “amoeba-shaped garments” have the Internet divided: Is this fashion?

No, your wireless device didn’t drop acid while you were doing the dishes…

This is an all-too intimate glimpse of what just went down at a runway show for Comme Des Garçons’ Fall 2017 collection, with Rei Kawakubo’s creations generously described by W as an exploration of “silhouette, via bulbous, amoeba-shaped garments.”

The models have either been sternly instructed to look airy and confused as they stumble aimlessly down the catwalk like they’re collecting airborne pieces of lint, or they’re genuinely as bewildered as the rest of us.

Perhaps our tastes simply aren’t refined enough. As one Facebook fashion scion writes in the comments:

“It’s called wearable art. It is certainly not intended to function as actual clothing. Just enjoy the show.”

The counterpoint argument comes in various shades of:

“Is that the stuff you get out your vacuum?”

To be fair, it may be fully functional in protecting you from wire taps:

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