COMMENTS: A Death In Texas, Chuck Norris’ Homophobia, Lohanthony, And More

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“As a gay Texan, I really resent when people talk about our state like its the source of all anti-gay hate. I went to college in San Francisco, and had gay slurs yelled at me publicly there three different times, which never happened in Houston. Yes, a lot of bigots live in Texas, but they do in California as well, and there are plenty of non-bigots in both places. And may I remind ya’ll that anti-gay bigotry is written into both states’ constitutions. Also, Houston is the largest city ever to have an openly lesbian mayor, which is something SF has never had.

Let’s talk about how we can make queer folks’ lives better in Texas, California, and everywhere instead of using gay rights as a reason to argue over whose state is better.”

Eric thinks our community should support each other after the tragic shooting of Mollie Olgin (above) and Mary Kristene Chapa, in Young Lesbian Couple Shot, One Killed, In Texas


“Tsk, tsk, Norris—that extramarital affair you had produced a child. Whatever happened to those good old-fashioned “sanctity of marriage” values you’ve been harping on about? NOM will be very upset with you but they’ll forgive you after you send them a nice fat check and all will be well again. Must be fun being a bigot.”

Robert in NYC unveils bigoted hypocrisy, in Chuck Norris Wants To Keep The Boy Scouts Ban On Gay People
“Cute kid with personality plus. I could eat him up. Yeah. But he’s got to lose the ‘like’ crutch in his speech. I’m talking, like, if you don’t cut out the ‘like,’ I’m like gonna, like, turn you off in, like, a couple of seconds.”

Richard Ford is, like, losing patience with the newest Web sensation, in WATCH: Is Viral-Video Gayby LOHANnthony The Queer Future?
“Big, brave coppers! Haul out the pepper-spray! Try to provoke the crowd into doing something on which they can be charged, or at the very least legitimize your roughing them up. After all, things have been quiet and boring for you, and you need an opportunity to flex your muscles and play MACHO MAN. Of course, pepper spray isn’t very macho, is it? I wonder how many people have wondered about the average IQ among legal thugs like you?”

toren123 isn’t impressed with the Seattle PD, in Police, Protestors And Pepper Spray At Seattle Pride Dust-Up

“Yes. Everyone should get involved in all social rights issues. We are all affected by the dehumanizing of populations of people. Environmental problems are tied with health and the ability to live a full and satisfying life. These nontraditional gay causes affect the LGBT community. I feel the Queer community should get involved, even if the only reason is because LGBT people can be found everywhere.”

J dub says where there’s a will, there’s a way, in QUESTION: Should The LGBT Community Take On Battles Like Immigration Reform?

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  • the other Greg

    Please DEFINE “immigration reform.” That’s a very vague term.

    Example: Obama’s extending work rights to those brought illegally to the U.S. as children. This is tremendously popular with the public: 65% support it. It strikes the public as fair and practical. Sending a young person “back” to a country he doesn’t remember, and where he may not even speak the language, is ridiculous.

    Example: Getting rid of DOMA and normalizing the immigration process for gay, bi-national couples. There is a common misconception that heteros get some kind of an automatic pass with this stuff, and if they get married to a foreigner, the foreigner is automatically in. No, it’s much more complex than that. But yeah, the process could be standardized for gay couples.

    Example: If what you REALLY want (but don’t usually admit) is open borders (and cheap pool cleaners!) and amnesty for ALL the 12 million illegals already here… well good luck with that one. It’s a moot point, since you’ll never get a majority of the public, or in Congress, or any president of whatever party, to go along with such an insane idea. Scream “bigot” at them all you want, it won’t work.

  • Kevin

    Who is this loser Chuck Norris?

  • celeb

    @Kevin: I hope you’re jokin’…

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