COMMENTS: Cher’s Odd Tweet, Frank Ocean’s PR Stunt, Home HIV Tests, And More!

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“How do I know Anderson Cooper is gay? His TV best friend is Kathy Griffin who famously hangs out with straight girls and gay guys only. Yup.”

Jeremy doesn’t think Anderson Cooper (left, with Kathy Griffin) was fooling anyone way back when, in WATCH: 8 Videos That Prove Anderson Cooper Has Been Openly Gay All Along

“I think this will be beneficial. That it will allow people to test at home who are not comfortable testing in a clinic or are worried about stigmas attached to positive results.In fact, I think it could drive people to then be tested in a clinical setting to receive more definitive results and possibly counseling. And for those who don’t do regular testing and would not be likely to test at a clinic, they could discover their status and, if positive, take measures to protect future partners. Hopefully…”

G feels the benefits of a home HIV-testing kit outweigh the drawbacks, in BREAKING: FDA Approves OraQuick Rapid Home HIV-Testing Kit

“This would be more exciting if [Frank Ocean] didn’t have an album coming out in two weeks. Not to say that this is a PR move but … it’s pretty good PR. Most people who will hear about his story weren’t familiar with his music prior. I guess we’ll see if it hurts or helps.”

Roxorz thinks Ocean knows exactly what he’s doing, in Hip-Hop Singer Frank Ocean Of Odd Future Comes Out About Gay Relationship

“I like how even after the change in policy, the “genius” behind it still seems to have extreme difficulty putting “gay” and “family” together. They will do lingustic gymnastics to avoid acknowledging gay families in any way:  “household arrangement,” “domestic unit,” “lifestyle choice.” Well, let them have that consolation prize, I guess. The real win here is for gay families.”

Mk Ultra smells the hypocrisy, in Gay Dads Slap VA Health Club With Lawsuit For Nixing Membership

“I guess it’s possible that she didn’t know, but that makes it look like she doesn’t follow the news very much and is kind of ignorant. He’s been on CNN numerous times and the host on there always challenges him on his anti-gay views. It’s not like he’s some obscure preacher who’s not covered by the national media.”

Tommy questions Cher‘s credibility—or her intelligence—in Did Cher Really Praise Anti-Gay Minister Joel Osteen On Twitter?