COMMENTS: Colorado Shooting, Ricky Martin, Beverage Bans, And More

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“The right wing used to say that it was gays fault that God was punishing New Orleans etc, with horrible weather. Now, of course, since Texas, Missouri and half the Bible Belt have been declared disaster areas in the last two years, they have changed their story and are trying things like this.

Funny thing is, I seem to remember that Timothy McVeigh was a heterosexual conservative Christian.

Cam give us a little history lesson, in AFA’s Bryan Fischer Connects Colorado Dark Knight Shooting To Gays, Godlessness


“Well, I am willing to give her [Cindy Meija, left] the benefit of the doubt. She very likely grew up in a very conservative environment, and obviously does not quite understand what it is like to grow up as a gay male.

From what I understand, Peru is very conservative outside its major cities, and one is bound to pick up some misinformation along the way. At least we aren’t seeing another rendition of Carrie Prejean, who just dug her heels in further, and made herself into some kind of a martyr (although her Jesus says posing for nudie pictures is okay). Best of luck to all the MU contestants this year!”

Flick doesn’t think we should write-off Miss Peru, Cindy Mejia, in Ricky Martin Is Not Having Miss Peru’s Homophobic Foolishness


“Hey Jimmy, just a little over 150 years ago it was moral to own slaves…. aren’t you glad people went against ‘morality’ then?”

p bitch-slaps Jimmy Walker for dissing marriage equality, in Jimmy Walker On Gay Marriage: “I’m Against It On Moral Grounds”


“Just another reminder why I’ve been abstinent for the past five years and eight months. Give or take a week.”

Dionte shares his sexual history, in STUDY: Young Black Gay Men Have A 1 in 4 Chance Of Contracting HIV


“This is very disturbing. Just wait until some GOP idiot grabs this idea and tries to import it to the USA. Some could say the Bachmanns already are in just such a marriage, trying to show everyone how well it ‘works’.