COMMENTS: FOX Disses Paul Ryan’s Speech, Drug Regimens, And Soldiers Stripping For Prince Harry

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“I’ve never heard such a litany of outright lies in my entire life. I changed the channel. The speech demonstrates that the Republicans have nothing to run on other than tax cuts for millionaires, deep cuts in the social safety net, and deregulation for their business buddies.”

Joel J gives a big “Hell to the No” to veep candidate Paul Ryan (right), in FOX News Calls Paul Ryan’s RNC Speech “Deceiving” – Hell Freezes Over


“From 1997-2001 I was taking 56 pills/day — with 10 different taking times requiring an EXCEL spreadsheet (some twice day, some thrice; some with food, some empty stomach).

This is another great step forward — BUT, this is not a license to be reckless: the toll on the digestive track, kidneys and liver REQUIRE constant monitoring, and the fat redistribution is, while not as bad as KS legions, a horrible side-effect.”

The Real Mike in Asheville reminds us just because there are advances in HIV medicine does not mean we should take them for granted, in FDA Approves Stribild, New Combination Drug For HIV Treatment
“Wow, she just outed the Archbishop as the biggest momma’s boy in San Francisco. Wonder what those activist gays will make of that? And momma, look up the word ‘enabler’ in the dictionary and I’ll bet you’ll see your picture beside the definition. Salvatore is a big boy now and he shouldn’t need his momma to tell him when he’s had enough (or too much) to drink.”

mcflyer54 smells a Norman Bates coming on, in Mother Of Archbishop Cordileone Blames Herself, And Maybe The Gays, For His DUI Arrest

“Hey guys, you’re supposed to be soldiers! I can imagine al-Qaeda using this as target practice. Might as well bend over and spread your cheeks for the camera.”

Peter wants to do is own target practice, in British Soldiers Show Their Love For Prince Harry By Getting Naked
“The phrase “That’s so gay” comes from the same place as “That’s so dumb” and “That’s so lame.” It’s an immature little place. Anyone who’s still using such expressions in their 20s seriously needs to grow up already.”

GeriHew says to grow up, in The Phrase “That’s So Gay” Has Lasting Harmful Effects On LGBT Students