COMMENTS: Gay Bosses, Punching Pastors, Dharun Ravi, Bisexuality And More!

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“I would like to punch that smug look off his holy face! I listened to his sermon and it made my hair stand on end. He obviously harbors a hatred for women. The way he spits out the word “FEE-MALE” with such vitriol is frightening. I can’t believe any clergyman gives sermons that haven’t been carefully written beforehand. What a piece of scum this man is. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a contact section on his Berean site. (Has it been deactivated, I wonder?) I would like to send him the link to one of those articles claiming that the more homophobic a person is, the more likely he is to be a latent gay.”

lizcivious is one of many ticked off folks, in Pastor Sean Harris: I Was Just Kidding When I Told People To Punch Their Gay Kids


“Sharon Needles already said in an Entertainment Weekly video that the husband excuse was a lie. Willam said she was called to be on the show. I think Willam was there to garner publicity for the show, which is great because it is entertainment, but I think the continuous telling of the same lie is a bit destructive to RuPaul’s image of keeping it real. The season is over now. No need to keep a bullshit story going just because. And it doesn’t work when Willam also once said she would reveal the real story once she has a contract with Logo (look around for that interview).”

Jose Rodriguez believes he sees through the company line, in Willam On Being Booted, Getting Sick, Being A “Role Model” And More!


“Make that self-deportation—after five years in an Oz-like incarceration setting.”

Marie Cohn doesn’t hold back, in Dharun Ravi Appeals Conviction In Tyler Clementi Case


“I think that we bisexuals are so widely misunderstood because our sexual orientation is kind of out of the range of understanding for both heteros and gays and lesbians. The best way I have found to explain it is like this: imagine that you’re a lesbian (or maybe you are), and you’re attracted to women with long hair. Does that make you a ‘long-hair-sexual’? No, of course it doesn’t. As far as I can tell (though I don’t have any personal experience) for both straight and gay people, gender is a ‘higher’ issue than something like long hair.

What defines bisexuals is that we put gender in the same category as hair length. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that, just like that lesbian might date women with long hair exclusively, and yet feel free to date a woman with short hair, a bisexual man might prefer men, but wouldn’t bat an eyelash at dating a woman; I’m pretty sure that’s what was going on with Cynthia Nixon. As for pansexuality, the way people define it generally fits with the above description, but I can’t say for sure whether there are people who are truly only attracted to men or women, or if all bisexuals are pansexuals. I definitely think there are also gay people, especially teenagers, who say they are bisexuals when they first come out of the closet, because that’s easier for them. Personally, I’m happy that my own identity can help a tortured teen accept herself.”

Okama defends bisexuality in QUOTE: Anna Paquin Insists Her Bisexuality Is “A Thing”


I’ve had three gay bosses: One was a douchebag, two were great. About the same ratio with straight bosses I’ve had. Now that I’m in management I do my best to emulate the good bosses I’ve worked for. Gay or straight, you have to strike the right balance of not being a micromanaging power-tripping pain in the ass and not being a weak-willed doormat.

Sexual orientation in my experience has never been a factor.

Geoff B makes business known, in  Sorry, Details, Gay Men Don’t Make The Best Bosses


“As a straight [person], when I go out with my gay friends, we tend to go to spaces that are safe and welcoming to them because they’ve had some negative experiences elsewhere. I don’t want to take up anyone else’s space or make anyone feel like I’m invading. At the same time I want them to be comfortable and safe and not harassed, and I want to put my dollars into businesses that provide these spaces. A lot of you here seem angry about straight people in your spaces and I don’t want to challenge the validity of those feelings at all. I do however want to find that happy medium where I can go out with gay friends to places they feel good going to.”

vireyda wants to make love, not war, in Straight Couple Kicked Out of Copenhagen Gay Bar For Kissing