COMMENTS: Grindr Heats Up, Dan Savage Drops F-Bomb, Dharun Ravi Freed, And More

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!


“People are now being accused of bullying when they voice a differing opinion. I heard Savage’s remarks to the high schoolers and he was simply pointing out the hypocrisy in the Bible. Now the right is calling him a bully because of it. Absurd. I also find it strange that [African-American conservative] Michelle Malkin even dares to conjure up the plantation image.”

Caleb on the dangers of public opinion, in Right-Wing Appalled Dan Savage Called GOProud “Faggots” For Endorsing Romney


“Actually Montana is a great place to visit AND to live. Come to Livingston sometime when y’all aren’t hating on the state. Sure, we’ve got some Republican nuts here. What state doesn’t?”

John K defends his home state, and its politics, in There’s A New Reason To Visit Montana, Bringing Total Reasons To One


“Something tells me if Dharun Ravi had sneakily taped a girl student having sex in his Rutgers dorm room and broadcast it on the Web he would have gotten more than 20 days, especially if the girl later committed suicide after finding out she’d been betrayed.

And we wouldn’t be getting any of this, “What’s the big deal? Boys will be boys” defense either.”

Kieran smells the hypocrisy, in Dharun Ravi Leaves Jail After Serving 20 Days Of 30-Day Sentence

“Not surprisingly, the border-control staff have an indentured dislike of gay people traveling. [I have] traveled with my other half from Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Leeds/Bradford and East Midlands and being stopped at each of them for no reason. It also applies to ferry travel, particularly to Zeebrugge [in Bruges]. The staff in Hull are notorious for picking on gay travelers.”

Neo points out the gay version of stop-and-frisk, in Gay Man Accused Of Pedophilia Because He Had Camera, Boyfriend


“It should show the location of condom/lube stores, and STD testing sites just so guys are reminded to be safe when they are having fun.”

danny reminds us all to play it safe this summer and beyond, in Grindr Rolls Out New Features For Summer 2012