COMMENTS: Hurricane Sandy’s Political Wake, Ian Thorpe’s Sexuality, And More

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“Why does this rant sound familiar? Oh that’s right, it’s similar to what every bi guys says while trying to convince you they are straight.”

Spike, in Ian Thorpe On Gay Rumors: “People Are Questioning My Integrity”


“The violence committed by organized religions is evil incarnate. The Christian right bleats about about liberals, gays and women’s rights just the same as their Muslim counterparts do. Spare us all from these foul bastards.

As for the boy whose abuse has most recently come to light, I hope you find comfort. As you grow and heal from the harm done to you please realize that you are not alone. Sue the living shit out of the bastards and use the money to do good for yourself and others. Taking their money away is one way to hurt them. Exposing their evil as you have is another. I wish you well kid.”

The Village Elder, in Gay Teen In Foster Care Harassed, Humiliated By Staff At Christian Home


“All these “How important is gay rights?” surveys all have hints of homophobia to them. It almost sets the pollster up to garner a specific answer—and if the polled individual doesn’t have enough critical-thinking skills about them, they really do feel they have to choose one issue over the other.”

USC Trojans Fan, in POLL: Grindr Survey Shows Users Care More About Economy Than Equality


“I guess Brown’s slogan is “Better late then never,”  while Obama’s is “Better safe then sorry!” I’m 75 years old and consider myself an Independent Democrat. I thought that I might vote for a Republican candidate for president at least once in my lifetime, however so far it hasn’t happened. I guess never being rich is the reason why! Looking back, believe me there are many, many more reasons then that.”

 , in FEMA Former Director: President Obama Responded Too Quickly To Hurricane Sandy





On the face of this story, there appears to be no colorable argument that the shirts would provoke violence. The shirt is a political statement, the very speech the First Amendment was designed to protect. I think it’s naive to assume that the school is acting benignly and in completely good faith—you should always be suspicious of censorship, no matter how well intentioned: it is presumptively illegitimate.”

JWRappaport in Ohio High-School Students Reprimanded For Wearing Pro-Gay T-Shirts