COMMENTS: Is Cynthia Nixon The Enemy—Or Is Dan Savage? Is Unsafe Sex A Crime?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!


“Well, saying you regret your choice of words, is a half step back, but not necessarily an apology. Still, isn’t it funny how conservatives always pretend that they are the tough ones, the kick ass ones, the ones who can defend America go to war etc… and yet all we ever hear from them is: ‘Boo-hoo, you were a meanie and hurt my feelings, say you’re sorry!”
defends our ally in the Old Line State, in MD First Lady Apologizes For Calling Anti-Equality Lawmakers “Cowards.” Durn


“Cynthia Nixon is the one who referred to her partner as a ‘short man with boobs.’ She has a history of making peculiar comments. Soon she will be competing with Anne Heche claiming she was abducted by aliens and spent the summer on Vulcan.”—Apparently Christopher di Spirito thinks Cynthia Nixon’s “It’s a choice” comment puts her in some interesting company, in  Cynthia Nixon: “I’ve Been Straight And I’ve Been Gay, And Gay Is Better.”


“I was just banned from the Transgender reddit for defending Dan Savage. The guy is cissexist and a little politically incorrect at times, but he’s definitely not transphobic, and DEFINITELY not the enemy. Fucking rabid trans people piss me off. Apparently, one of the other gripes they have is that he makes fun of fat people, but we can’t have that or the Fat Awareness Movement gets pissed. I’m beginning to see why we’re not doing as well as gay folks when it comes to rights if these are the kinds of people leading the trans rights movement.”
is tired of getting dumped on by other trans folk, in Opinion: Stop Glitter-Bombing Dan Savage. He’s Not The Enemy


“He is not a person—he is a monster! Any person that infects another human with HIV has NO SOUL!”
—Tastey Goodies
tells us how he really feels, in HIV+ Pro Wrestler Gets 32 Years Behind Bars For Unprotected Sex

“I didn’t know you could auto-tune the National Anthem.”
—It looks like
Ted B won’t be watching the halftime show, in Ten Ways Madonna Is Bringing Gay To The Super Bowl


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