COMMENTS: James Franco Goes Gay (Again), Prince Harry’s Hotel Romp, And A Faked Hate Crime

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!


“Hard sex, fake sex, no sex, or all sex… all I’m curious about is James Franco’s apparent obsession with all things gay. It just seems strange to me.”

MikeE questions Franco’s motives, in James Franco Teams Up With Gay Director For Hardcore Homage To “Cruising”




“She should be charged with more than a misdemeanor. Anyone who uses hate crime laws in an attempt to smear and slander members of another demographic group, a.k.a. straight men, should serve jail time.

And maybe before running to the streets with their vigils and demonstrations, the LGBT community might wait until the police actually conduct an investigation. But, of course, all these demos have less to do with support for the so-called victim and more to do with making political hay out of a single individual incident. Enjoy all the political pandering while it lasts, boys and girls, because a lot of folks are really getting sick and tired of listening to a bunch of mostly white middle-class whiners pretending to be oppressed.”

Lesbian Conservative thinks Charlie Roger should serve time for crying wolf, in WOW: Nebraska Lesbian Accused Of Faking Own Hate Crime Attack


Elton John is a bloated disgusting old queen who flip-flopped for years on her sexual orientation. Now that it is more fashionable with the so called in crowd to be gay, bitch is all over the place! I guess as long as one is wealthy, any amoral creepy old prig can adopt children. I am certain that his motives are anything but altruistic.”

Dumdum calls out Elton John and his new vacay buddy, Dolph Lambert (right), in Elton John Brings Bel Ami Porn Star On French Riviera Getaway


“Prince Harry is a young man that needs to enjoy life. He is part of the Military and unfortunately a part of the BORING British monarchy. Werk it Harry! Werk it good!”

BiL gives a big thumbs up to Prince Harry’s (left) naked antics, in PHOTO: Prince Harry Caught Naked In Las Vegas Hotel


“It’s bad enough that they’re not doing themselves any favors being Republicans, but it’s despicable that they’re actually working against their own community, too.”

yaoming gives a big thumbs down, in Log Cabin Republicans Confirm RNC Platform Will Support DOMA, “Traditional Marriage”


Photos: ABC News, TMZ

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