COMMENTS: Obama’s “Gay” Past, Anderson Cooper, And The General Mills Arsonist

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“When you preach hate, you get hate in one form or another. Wonder how it feels to be on the receiving end of such an attack? But that’s different, of course. It’s okay when LGBT are beaten, shot, maimed and killed.

Sorry I have no sympathy for any of them. They’ve helped create a toxic environment with their hate-spewing rhetoric. Maybe they’ll learn from this and tone it down, but I suspect they’re going to milk the victim card for all it’s worth.”

Jorval isn’t shedding a tear, in Shooting At Family Research Council, LGBT Organizations Reacts


“Didn’t I hear somewhere that Anderson Cooper finally came out when he did to preempt a magazine article (Vanity Fair?) with an ex-boyfriend outing him for monetary gain? If that (soon-to-be) ex-bf was Ben it would make sense that AC’s relationship would dissolve so soon after his very public coming out. That said, I wish AC the best of luck going forward.”

Alan down in Florida sends his bestest to the Coop, in Anderson Cooper Sends Ben Maisani Packing, Commiserates With Kelly Rippa


“There is only one way I could be convinced that an ‘ex-gay’ actually exists. Show me your computer hard drive! No doubt they go places an ex should no longer have an interest in. Prove to me just one is clean.

Kirk tries to debunk the theory of the ex-gay, in Ex-Gays Are Tired Of Being Bashed By Current Gays, Thank You


“I’d still vote for Obama even if he came out as bi. Like I care. What Obama does in his free time is all good so long as it’s adult, consensual and legal. Heck, it’s better than being a high-school homophobic bully like Mittens.

The reason why the cracktastic right-wing is grasping at ridiculous straws is because Mitt has no other policy platform other than that he thinks he’s entitled to be prez. His cereal-box-cardboard like personality doesn’t help either.”

We know who whatever12345 is voting for, in Yet Another Wildly Unsubstantiated Rumor About Barack Obama’s Secret Gay Past


“There is no joy in a death but by the same token there is also no sadness. He was a man consumed by hate so much that it took his life. A sad place for anyone to be at.”

Neo says goodbye, in General Mills Arsonist Michael Leisner Dies Of Apparent Heart Attack