COMMENTS: More Outdoor Sex, Jeremy Renner’s Not-Gay Meltdown, And A DOMA-Writing Lesbian!

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!


“No family life equals no true joy (especially in old age). If gays don’t learn to build real intact families and instead choose to put all their eggs in the body-beautiful and partying basket, they eventually turn into pathetic lecherous old men making a spectacle of themselves while trying to keep younger men as company… or the male version of the cat lady. I know many gay men love to scream the alarm about heteronormative sell-outs, but the circuit parties and easy tricks can’t last forever.”

Pedro has some heated views, in Suicide Of Self-Help Therapist Raises The Gloomy Specter Of Gay Men And Aging


“So a former closet case makes money drafting a law that makes our lives difficult, hooks up with a woman, and is now making money lobbying to get DOMA repealed? Must be nice being GOP trash. I don’t know what is more offensive–that she helped make this law, or that she didn’t see us as people.”

MEJ‘s choice words about Kathryn Lehman, in GOP Lesbian Who Had Hand In Writing DOMA Now Lobbying For Its Repeal


“You don’t do that in public view. You don’t do that at a foreign island that is anti-gay. Did the smallest amount of common sense ever cross their minds?”

David in Houston tells it like it is, in Incriminating Photo Of Couple Arrested On Gay Cruise Surfaces


“Public sex for gay men is sort of an outdated idea, really. It was a thing in the ’70s and earlier, when there were [no] ways for men to otherwise meet and hook up… Now, men have dating sites, apps, etc., to meet, more gay men are out and in public relationships. The social forces that were largely driving tea rooms in the 1970s are basically gone now.

I’m not suggesting people shouldn’t have public sex, but the question of whether they should just seems to be a bit dated, even in light of these arrests. Public sex is much less transgressive now than it used to be.

Now, even as a fellow gay man, I have to wonder why they just don’t get a room.”

Peter ponders the ethics of cruising, in “Is It Time For Gay Men To Stop Engaging In Public Sex?

“I really loathe the celebrities who whine about people and paparazzi taking interest in their personal lives. You cannot be so naive to such a symptom of fame when you’re trying to break into show business. If you don’t want it, get a desk job.”

DenverBarbie is not so happy with Jeremy Renner, in Bourne Identity‘s Jeremy Renner Once Choked A Dude Who Called Him A “Fag”

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