COMMENTS: Obama Winning, White People Mourning, Kirstie Alley Pining, And More

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“Did you listen to our President? He and his party is the party of inclusion, not exclusion. I am proud to be an American and for casting my vote for him and our nation. Our future as gay Americans looks brighter for tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow.

Thank you President Obama and all those who voted and supported him for reelection. I admit I was scared and depressed for the past few weeks because of the possibility that Mitt “flip-flop” Romney and his his running mate could of been elected by the right-wing Republicans, and I and so many other gay Americans would of become second-class citizens. I hope those Log Cabin gays lose their non-profit status soon!

Jerry Pritikin, in President Obama’s victory speech



“Is it sad that looking at those pics probably gave me more joy than it should?”


“A perfect representation of a rich spoiled disaffected asshole. Please no more stories about this douche.”

isaac420, in Bratty Gay Socialite Peter Brant Jokes About Killing Obama on Twitter


“I’m from the great state of Maryland (Baltimore) and it’s my pleasure to tell everyone here that the Associated Press has declared that the “same sex marriage” ballot HAS PASSED in our state as of 12:48 PM Wednesday morning. Thank you Maryland for treating all of your citizens fairly.”

Billysees, in Marriage Equality Wins in MD, ME, WA


“Yeah, she’s credible. LOL. She shills a false weight-loss product but mostly she’s a Scientologist like the supposed love of her life. That says enough about her.”